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Kenmore Residential dryermodel #11069422801

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Kenmore 400 dryer Problems

When i turn the timer to any on position the heating element starts up and there is a humming sound. The drum does not spin at all.

Posted September 29, 2012


Barbara, September 29, 2012

dryer problems can be a good home project. i would suggest adding the complete model number to help the expert provide the best information possible. i did locate a similar question with general information that may help. i attached below along with the sears home services link if you decide to schedule a technician.

marcus, September 29, 2012

mod 110.69422801 ser m01527409 type:d433-ele-2406026-fm54 i took the top and front off and cleaned out all lint (was not alot). the drum turns freely by hand and the pulleys and motor don't make any sounds when turned. belt appears in good shape as well. found a reply elsewhere on this site about how to check timer so i took the timer off and checked the continuity between the red wire on terminal a and the black wire on terminal c. the ohm reading did not rise above 0.2

Ron H , October 01, 2012

your drum as you know is belt driven connected with a idler pulley then the motor pulley. the heating element cannot operate unless the motor runs so the humming must be the motor. be sure that the belt is correctly attached to the idler pulley and the motor pulley. if they are then the drum must turn if the motor is running.
i have seen , but rarely that the motor switch sticks and the motor will not start because the motor or centrifugal switch is stuck in run position already then and only then will the heating element come on and the drum not turn. if this is happening the motor must be replaced. i suggest you closely check the belt and if it is okay and the other issue exists you can contact us with details for more assistance. or part information.

thanks ron h.
if you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: sears home services .


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