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Kenmore Undercounter dishwashermodel #66517502201

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Kenmore Dishwasher Thermal Fuse blew second time. Help track down problem without guess and check.

I have a Kenmore Dishwasher Model 66517502201 or some similar model. Thermal fuse blew so I replaced it. One wash later...Thermal fuse blew again. Clues I can come up with to track down the problem: Thermal fuse blew with water in the bottom of the dishwasher and dishes looking clean. Looks like it probably stopped during the rinse cycle as there was no significant evidence of soap. Could it be a heating element issue? I opened the dishwasher during an initial heat the water cycle and a small portion (3") of the heating element was glowing RED hot but the rest was not. I also noticed the water level did not completely cover the heating element. Lastly it seemed like it took a long time to reach the appropriate temperature. Is it something else? I stripped the wires going into the thermal fuse and on one side of the fuse the copper was a little discolored (sorta bronze looking), but there did not appear to be any damage to the wires at the connection. It should be noted that I did not use the new wires that came with the fuse. Additionally, it did seem like there was some discoloration on the leads of the two switches that trigger when the door is shut but the switches themselves work fine). I am willing to buy a heating element and another fuse. If i need to buy a new harness I am a little more nervous about spending the money and if I have to by a new pump motor assembly, I might as well buy a new machine. Any Ideas or guidance is appreciated.

Posted April 16, 2012


Joseph , April 16, 2012

having to replace the same part can be expensive and i am sorry for the inconvenience. i did some research and i was able to find two links that will provide you with some good information. i hope this helps while you wait for your expert response.

Tim, April 17, 2012

i tracked down the real model # which is 66517519201

Landell , April 17, 2012

hi tim,

thank you for submitting a question to manage my life.

in your details you state you did not replace the harness that comes with the fuse kit (see image below). that is most likely why the fuse blew again. the manufacturer redesigned the harness connections to keep the fuse from blowing. but to know for sure, you will need to ohm the main harness and the load bearing components (this includes the heating element). the remaining checks will require the use of a volt/ohm meter.

if you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a sears technician. here is a link for the website; sears home services .

here is a link that you may use to purchase the fuse kit for your kenmore model number 665.17519201 dishwasher .

if you have a meter and are confident in your technical abilities please reply below and i will be happy to assist you further.


Tim, April 17, 2012

i have a multi-meter that i can check the resistance of components with. i am familiar with this kind of repair work and am comfortable installing any new parts.

Tim, April 17, 2012

thermistor = 48.5k ohms => wire diagram says 48-52k ohms | drain pump = 23 ohms => diagram says 16.3 ohms | heat element 10 ohms => diagram says 10-35 ohms | dispenser 276 ohms => diagram says 280-340 ohms | vent assembly 1597 ohms => diagram says 600-1800 ohms | fill valve 1052 ohms => diagram says 890-1090 ohms | with the motor i am confused about wires there are 3 wires going to the motor a red with black stripe, a violet, and a green (ground). when i take off the clip the green connects to the casing; the violet connects to a small copper colored wire and a yellow wire (appears to go to capacitor); the red with black stripe connects to a black wire, finally a blue wire and a small black wire are connected next two the others but do not have a lead. with capacitor connected: between blue and yellow wires (15 ohms); between yellow and black (5.8 ohms); between black and blue (9.5 ohms). it is the same when i disconnect the capacitor. the wire diagram says " run winding 3.7 ohms and aux. winding 6.25 ohms". the drain pump seems a little bit off and i am not sure what to make of the motor readings. any help is appreciated.

Tim, April 18, 2012

just wanted to bump this as my wife is getting tired of washing dishes by hand.

Landell , April 19, 2012


the readings you have given me on the components are within normal limits (even the drain pump). i am still willing to blame this on the harness not being replaced. when you ohm the motor disconnect the wires and ohm on the motor connectors where the blue and black/red wires connect. you should read approximately 3.7 ohms. no matter how you ohm the motor if you go through the run and auxiliary windings you are going to read 9 + ohms.

i recommend replacing the entire thermal fuse kit. this should keep you from blowing the thermal fuse again.

i hope this is helpful, and if i may be of further assistance please include more details in a reply to this post.


Tim, April 19, 2012

i will replace the thermal fuse and follow the directions by clipping the old wires off. i will give an update in the near future.

Landell , April 20, 2012


i think that will get you going again. let me know what you find.


Landell , April 20, 2012


i think that will get you going again. let me know what you find.


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