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Kenmore Dehumidifiermodel #40752301210

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Attached hose to my Kenmore Dehumidifier is not gravity draining. What can I do?

My Kenmore Dehumidifier, Model #407.52301210 does not gravity drain. I attached a hose to it according to the manuals instructions and have it eleavated 1 1/2 feet above the floor drain. There is some water still getting minto the bucket even with the hose attached and checked to make sure the hose was screwed on tight. Is there something else I should be doing. Thanks, Glen

Posted March 21, 2013


Alina, March 21, 2013

managemylife.com is always a great resource to find the answers to just about anything. your expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner.

Scott D , March 22, 2013

thank you for your question. i'm sorry you are having this problem with the dehumidifier. make sure the drain line does not have any kinks and has a good downward slope to it. if this is ok and water is still getting in the bucket, it could be a problem with the drain pan under the evaporator. it may have a crack or the drain hole may be restricted. i would recommend having a technician check this. i'm listing a site you can access, for the nearest repair center. here is a link that will provide the nearest drop-off locations:  sears home services.  

Robert, August 01, 2013

i purchased a new unit and hooked up a new hose and still the water goes to the drain bucket. does this mean that the unit is defective and the water pathway inside the unit is blocked? what is the fluid pathway for the water coming from the dehumidifier and how does it detect that a hose is attached. i am confused how the water is diverted if a hose is attached versus not attached? the drain connector nozzle does not have a plug when a hose is not attached?

Scott D , August 02, 2013

robert, this is kind of difficult to explain but basically, without the drain hose connected, when there is free air flow through the hose connection, the water will be diverted down to the drain bucket. when the hose is connected, there is a negative drawing effect that pulls the water out through the hose. now, if the hose is longer than 10 feet and if it does not have a good downward slope, the water can back up and cause the bucket to fill. i hope this helps you.


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