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Kenmore Water softenermodel #625383760

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Kenmore water softener model #625.383760 continually runs, fills up brine tank with water and overflows onto floor.

Kenmore water softener model #625.383760. There are no alert messages / codes on the electronic display. I observe that there is a small, but steady stream of water coming from the top side of valve / manifold. This valve is the one that is circular and held down with 8 screws (see part #45 on page 46 of the manual). I push bypass valve stem inward closing the inlet and outlet valves. I remove motor (2 screws) and top valve cover (8 screws). Upon lifting the top half, the 4.5" O-ring seal (part #16 on page 46) appears to be loose. Other O-rings seem to be snug in place on disc. Question one: Show I focus my inspection on the o-rings? Question two: Does the 4.5" O-ring need to fit snag on one of the assembly pieces? If this does not, would that yield the problem I am experiencing? Question three: If o-rings / gaskets are the problem, do I need to inspect part #17 (rotor seal). How should it look? It seems to sit in position. Appreciate your guidance.

Posted September 30, 2012


Henry, October 01, 2012

i'm hoping that over flow did not make too large of a mess for you to clean up. in regards to the motor running all of the time, i've been able to locate a link that addresses that issue. review the link below while your question is forwarded to an expert. that person should get back to you within a day or two. until then, have a nice morning.

Mark T , October 02, 2012

thank you for your question.

i am sorry you are having a problem with the softener. the 4.5 inch seal does not fit tight. in fact, it can be a pain if it does not stay in place when you reassemble the unit. if the unit was leaking around the stem seal or the top of the valve body, i recommend installing a seal kit. the kit consists of all the seals in the valve body. the part number for the seal kit is 7185487 and can be ordered from the following link. water softener parts once all of the seals are in place reassemble the unit and plug it in. if the motor starts to run let it go until it stops. then push the bypass and check for leaks. if you do not have any leaks, you can bail the water out of the salt tank and regenerate the unit.

i hope this is helpful. please let me know if you need further assistance.

thank you for using manage my life!

mark t.


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