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Kenmore Gas rangemodel #66575024100

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Kenmore gas range oven igniter replacement installation issue

I have a Kenmore gas range, model # 66575024100. The surface burners light OK. The oven clicks a few times but usually doesn't light. When I hold a lighter to the oven igniter then the oven burner ignites OK. I'm trying to replace the oven igniter. I looked up the range model and found the manifold parts list (http://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/Kenmore-Parts/Range-Parts/Model-66575024100/0582/0124002/P0110221/00003?blt=06&prst=0&shdMod=66575024100). It shows the oven igniter is item #16 on the schematic and the part number is 8054129 and there is only one option for the oven igniter. I received the part and went to install it and found the new oven igniter is longer than the old one. The old oven igniter is 4" long including a 90 degree elbow that goes down. There's a 1.5" gap behind the elbow and the back of the oven. The new oven igniter that I received is 7" long and straight, with a small metal tip and eyelet for a connection. Did I receive the correct part or not? How can I properly replace the oven igniter with the correct part? I tried to upload a picture showing the two oven igniter parts side-by-side using the "Add an image" button on the webpage containing this form but it didn't work. Please let me know how to provide the picture for review. Thanks, Kent

Posted September 10, 2011


Kent, September 10, 2011

i was able to upload the picture. i had to shrink the filesize to less than 2 mb.

Barbara H. , September 10, 2011

getting the right part is important for do-it-yourself repairs. the expert will review this model against the resources and respond. to add an image, click on the image link below, paste the file then click upload. if it does not work you may have to save image under another format. hope this helps.

Lyle W , September 13, 2011

i apologize for the confusion regarding that igniter. the igniter part 8054129 is for the broil burner and will not fit the bake burner. i recommend that you return that part. the replacement bake igniter has been revised and it only comes as a kit assembly with a new bake burner. that assembly is part 8190618. you will need to replace the bake burner with that new bake igniter attached to it all at once. here is a brief video that shows how to complete that repair: range bake spark electrode and burner replacement .

this should be the information that you need to complete that repair. if you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

Kent, September 18, 2011

i picked up part 8190618 at a local sears. i completed installation in less than 5 minutes and the oven is now working. thanks for the help!

Lyle W , September 19, 2011

thanks for letting us know how this turned out. we are glad to hear that you got the range fixed.


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