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Janome Sewing machinemodel #8080LX200

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Craftsman 1 HP Hydro Convertible Jet Pump won't work. Only 8 pounds of pressure.

I just purchased a Craftsman 1HP Hydro Convertible Jet Pump. Do I have to buy the Craftmans Deep Well Jet Package to go along with it or will any jet package work. We have the jet package for Goulds but it doesn't seem to be working. I assume we have to have a compatibe one, namely Craftsman.

Posted August 18, 2011


Joseph , August 18, 2011

having a new appliances that is not working properly can be an inconvenience and i will be happy to help. while you are waiting for your expert answer, i suggest you add to the thread of this question and include the full model number of your appliance so that the expert can provide you with a more detailed answer. i did manage to find a link in where you can enter your appliance model number and you can find some good information to help you with your question. i hope my link is useful.

Sam A, August 19, 2011

thank you for your question on the jet pack for you well pump.

yes you will have to get the correct jet in order for the pump to work.

i will need to know what the casing size is and the depth you have to set the jet too.

if you give me the model number of your pump i will be able to tell you the package you need.

thank you for using manage my life.

sam a.

Sheri, August 23, 2011

i the craftsman professional 1 hp hydro-glass® convertible jet pump model# 2522 i purchased the craftsman 4"in jet pump model# 29660. trying to prime it now but still only 8 pouds of pressure so far. i am at a lost. plese help.

Sam A, August 24, 2011

thank you for the update on the well system. to begin with have you tried adjusting the volume control screw on the front of the pump body? if you could tell me how you have the pump set up with shallow well (25ft.or less) single pipe, or as a deep well two pipe system with the jet at the bottom of the well. do you have a storage tank system? if the volume adjustment does not help the output and pressure then please let me know the type of system you have and i will help you. sam a.

Sheri, August 24, 2011

we do not have a storage tank, water is pumped directly into the house. we have the deep well two pipe system with the jet at the bottom. should we fill the pipes in the well with water first, in order to fill the lines with water - then try to put water in the actual pump. yes. i've seen my husband adjusting the volume control screw on the front.

Sam A, August 24, 2011

yes, fill the well pipes with water. jet pumps pump water to get water so you do have to fill the pipes and the pump housing before turning on the pump. please let me know what you find and we can continue troubleshooting with that information. sam a.

Sheri, August 24, 2011

thanks. it got dark on us last night - so as soon as my husband gets home from work he is going to fill the pipes with water. i pray that it works. thank you for your help, i'll let you know what happens this evening. thanks again.

Sam A, August 24, 2011

i will look for it the first thing in the morning. i start early and leave at about 3.pm. i hope it will work for you it is hard to be without enough water. sam a.

Sheri, August 24, 2011

it works!!!!! thank you sam. he put the water in the pipes, primed the pump and out came the water. finally, running water!!!!!!

Sam A, August 25, 2011

that's great!!! it’s always nice to have water. i am glad you have gotten that all working and now life can resume to normal. sam a.

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