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Ithaca peripherals 200 printermodel #200

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fuel tank replacement for leaf blower

i have a craftsman 200 mph leaf blower model 358.794944 i bought a replacement fuel tank P/N 530095646 there are two places to put the tank into which place does the part go onto

Posted December 11, 2010


Alina F. , December 11, 2010

for a good diagram you can locate it on the sears parts direct website. i have attached the link below for you to view. i hope the link that i provided you is helpful.

Jimmy K , December 13, 2010

the link alina f sent should show you the location of the fuel tank.

there should only be one place for the fuel tank to mount. the fuel lines should show you where the fuel tank goes.

i looked up the fuel tank for model 358.794944 leaf blower, and the part number is 545058007. i think you might have the wrong fuel tank.

macv, February 19, 2011

it is the in tank fuel filter, should their be 2 lines and which one does the filter go on

Jimmy K , February 24, 2011

i am sending you an image showing the routing of the fuel lines. the small fuel line attaches to the fuel filter. the larger line is a return line and should have about 1 1/2 inches inside the fuel tank.

macv, February 24, 2011

thank you for the diagram, looks like i'm missing the main feed line. how far do i have to take it apart to replace the line.

Jimmy K , February 26, 2011

you will need to remove the air cleaner cover and the air cleaner. you should be able to run the tube from the fuel tank to the carburetor without removing the side covers of the blower. you can tape up the end of the tube to prevent anything from getting into the tube. push the tube behind the side cover. be sure the fuel line is not near a hot surface or touching any sharp edges.

ronald, November 10, 2012

to jimmy knight. the diagram for the fuel line came through very small. would there be a way to get a larger image? maybe you could e-mail me one. thanks ron riedel memorys@cox.net


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