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Ithaca peripherals 200 printermodel #200

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Propane OVEN pilot sputtering and ticking

I already posted this. Got an email response with I think wrong answer (it told me to repost). The answer was for the stove pilot. I am having problem with OVEN pilot (and not the oven flame). I have attached an image of the pilot assembly which I hope helps. The propane oven pilot light sputters and ticks when it sputters? After adjusting the oven flame to what looks like perfect, I shut off the oven. Then the pilot started sputtering. In the image you will see that the pilot is below the thermocouple. The pilot flame is in the part that is bent upward (the hooked part where I typed Oven Pilot to the right). There is also supposed to be a flame from the bottom of that bend, on through the tube toward the back (toward the pilot tube). I drew a very light arrow at that point. That is where the sputtering occurs. Flame appears and then disappears (sputtering and ticking) at that point (the pilot stays lit but the flame from the arrow into the tube appears and disappears, sputtering.) Sometimes it lasts 2 minutes, sometimes 3 seconds. That is with the oven door and bottom of oven door open. With the doors shut, for 10 minutes there was no sputtering until I blew toward the floor toward the bottom of the stove while the doors were closed (?related to air circulation? but still probably abnormal? or air leak in the propane line?) I smell no propane. Everything else works just fine. Remember, it is the OVEN pilot, not the stove-top pilots. I am not a novice. If you tell me the problem I can probably fix it if you tell me how. I can do it myself, just tell me how. I live 200 miles from a city, so a tech cannot come here.

Posted November 02, 2010


Joseph , November 02, 2010

i understand your concern toward having the pilot lite in your oven not working properly and although you are having problems with your oven i will be happy to help. while you are waiting for an expert answer, i did manage to find a link that will provide you with more information about your problem: http://www.appliance411.com/faq/gas_range_ignition_systems.shtml. i hope my link is useful.

Sam A, November 03, 2010

thank you for your question.

i am sorry that you got some misinformation for you oven pilot problem. thank you for your detailed description and picture.

• there can be a couple of problems that will cause this symptom.

• the first one is some debris in the pilot orifice and it is interfering with the gas flow coming out of the orifice hole.

you had said that the oven burner has a good flame, but in watching it do you see any variance in the flame color or impurities burning off when it burns. some times when doing an installation, impurities can flake off the inside of the gas line as it is being moved and travel with the gas into the range components. this is especially true if you are using a copper gas line.

• first turn the gas off.

• then remove the pilot assembly from the range and the orifice is behind the pilot tube nut. once you have the supply tube disconnected from the pilot assembly you can examine the back side of the pilot for any debris inside the pilot orifice.

• clean this area but do not enlarge the pilot orifice hole.

• the other possibility is pressure on the supply line that feeds the pilot assembly.

• some of the ranges had a small line valve that regulates flow and it is usually under the cook-top on the oven pilot supply tube close to the oven temperature control.

• i think on this model, when you turn the oven on the gas flame increases its size to heat the thermal couple and light the burner. there could be a problem with in the gas control.

i hope i have answered you question

thank you for using manage my life.


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