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Huebsch gas heated commercial clothes driermodel #37

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Questions & Answers about this model powered by

Radial Arm Saw 113.197751

I have a Craftsman radial arm saw, model:113.197751 that I picked up at a moving sale and it needs the table or bed and fence. These are wooden and I need the dimensions so I can make my own. If anyone has this model or very similar I would greatly appreciate the information. There are four pieces that make up the assembly: rear table, spacer, rip fence, and the front table.

Posted August 26, 2010


Maira E, August 26, 2010

i can understand your concern when it comes to getting the right information to built the right table, as a suggestion while you are waiting for the experts response i have included below a couple of links to manage my life were a customer had a similar question like yours and also a copy of your owners manual. hope it helps!!!

Woodee, August 26, 2010

thanks a bunch maira!

Jimmy K , August 27, 2010

there was a safety recall on this model radial arm saw and the repair kit includes the front and back tables, spacer, and rip fence.

these parts will be shipped to you free if you call 1-800-511-2628. you will need to give the model and serial numbers of the saw, your name, address, and telephone number.

i called the 800 number to be sure they still have the kits and was told they do.

Anthony, October 15, 2010

jimmy, i recently bought a well-used saw of this same model for $80; it was also missing the table. just called that 800 number, and my free replacement kit is on its way! thank you so much! you rule!

Jimmy K , October 16, 2010

i am glad the information helped you.

Anthony, November 01, 2010

i have another question, if you might help. on this same saw, the bevel index pin is stuck. i'm trying to understand how this is put together. we're talking about parts #37, 22, and 41 on the linked diagram. i wonder what keeps part 37 from coming out? the part cannot rotate fully so it can't be screwed in that way. part 41 does seem to have a screw slot - so is it screwed onto the bottom of 37 or is it just force fit? my situation is: part 41 initially was sticking outside the yoke about 1/4". there was no way to turn 41 with a screwdriver., so i tried hammering it. it grudgingly went into the yoke, which also lifted up part 37. part 37 remains loose and can be easily moved side to side (but not outward). part 41 is still stuck good, but now is no longer sticking out. any ideas of how to proceed? i could try heat, but i don't know if i should be trying to rotate part 41 or not... these replacement parts are not available, so i'd like to get them out without damage. hopefully that's still possible. thanks in advance!

Anthony, November 01, 2010

not sure why my link attachment didn't show up on previous post? here it is: //www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/craftsman-parts/saw-parts/model-113197751/0247/0744500/00015866/00002?blt=06&prst=&shdmod=

Jimmy K , November 01, 2010

anthony, i got your link and pulled up the image of the saw. item 41 is screwed on to item 41. you need to spray liquid wrench or a similar rust buster on the parts liberally. tap item 41 and item 37 to aid in spreading the liquid wrench. if you get the parts freed up, you might not need to remove them from the yoke. rotate items 37 and 41 and gradually get them so they will move up and down.

Anthony, November 03, 2010

woo hoo - it's out! jimmy k - you da man!

rick lavallee, November 13, 2010

thanks for the info on this saw, i was given this saw and it was in rough shape and this recall save me alot to get this back in working order. thanks again.


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