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Huebsch gas heated commercial clothes driermodel #37

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Control panel for Kenmore Elite dishwasher model 665.13923K010 is dead.

I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher model 665.13923K010 (purchased October 2010) which I tried to run but the control panel seems to be dead (none of the LED lights are on). I verified I was getting power to the dishwasher. I have read similar issues on other dishwasher and they mention to replace the thermal fuse. Unfortunately I have not been able to located (I removed the front cover already to expose the control panel)

Posted February 25, 2012


Joseph , February 25, 2012

the dishwasher not lighting up can be an inconvenience and keep you from getting the dishes cleaned. i am adding a link below that describes a similar question. i hope this helps while you wait for your expert response.

lisa, February 25, 2012

thanks for the reply. i have come across similar responses for other dishwasher models. i do have a meter, but i need directions pointing out where the thermal fuse is (as well as other possible sources for the problems)

Lyle W , March 01, 2012

that model has a bi-metal thermal cut-out that is shown as key 3 on the first image below. it is circled on that wiring diagram in the second image. the third and 4th images show the physical location of that bi-metal. be sure that you shut off the house circuit breaker to disconnect electrical power before accessing internal components. your dishwasher may be slightly different than the one shown below but that bi-metal thermal cut-out should be in the same location. you can test that component for continuity using a volt/ohm meter as shown in this brief repair video: thermal fuse testing . if that bi-metal does not have continuity then you will need to replace it. you can order that part from the sears partsdirect website. the part number is w10195528. here is a direct link for that part: fuse . be sure that you shut off the house circuit breaker for the dishwasher before accessing and replacing internal components.

if that thermal cut-out of okay you could have a wiring failure or a bad control board. reply with additional details if you need more assistance.

if you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this dishwasher failure, you can schedule service through this link: sears home services .

Lyle W , February 27, 2012

here is the 4th image.

Ronnie, January 06, 2013

lyle i don't see where the first three images are.

Lyle W , January 07, 2013

hello ronnie. i apologize for the problems with those first 3 images. i re-posted those images below this response. let us know if you need more help.

Ronnie, January 09, 2013

lyle, i took the bi-metal thermal cut-out and got it tested at the sears repair center and it does have continuity. when i run the 1 hour dish cycle it cuts out at about 37 minutes and the red cancel button comes on and drains the dish machine. it doesn't look like it gets to the rinse or drying cycle. if we run the normal cycle it runs for a couple of hours and it seems like it doesn't get to the rinse and drying cycles. any help is greatly appreciated. ronnie


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