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how can I disable the lock on my new top load Kenmore washer?

I'm a life time Kenmore man. I just purchased a new 2011Kenmore top-load washing machine (110.21102010). On day one I am extremely disappointed. I am a grandparent and unless there is a fix for this ridiculous lid lock this machine is going back to the Sears store it came from. c. Moore

Posted February 21, 2011


Priscilla V, February 21, 2011

washers share most of the same type malfunctions. we all hope the fix is simple. i found two links on the manage my life website that should help.while you are waiting for an expert to reply i have attached the links below. hope this helps!

Lyle W , February 23, 2011

if the washer was spinning, the lid will not unlock until the basket stops. you can normally cancel a cycle by pressing and holding the start/pause button for 3 deliberate seconds. if the lid is locked on the washer and will not unlock, then i recommend that you call sears at 1-800-469-4663 (1-800-4my-home). you will probably need to have a service technician visit your home and repair the washer.

i understand your frustration with the problem that you are having with this brand new kenmore washer. this is an unusual failure. if you still want to return the washer, you can contact the store. we appreciate your loyalty to the kenmore brand. i hope that we can resolve this problem and keep your business. if you need more help, reply with additional details and we will try to assist you further.

Mary, March 27, 2011

lyle, i think the question dealt with not wanting the top lock to work, not that it didn't work. this feature is pretty stupid for most of us. is it possible to just disconnect it completely without the machine thinking something is wrong? i'm also a sears appliance buyer, but this is the first time i really ended up not liking my machine. thanks!

Lyle W , March 28, 2011

thanks mary. you could be correct. charlie could have been asking how to completely disable that lid lock on his new washer. the lid lock may seem stupid but it is an important safety feature. it is a necessary "nuisance" that is required on the washer to guard against serious injury. i do not recommend that you attempt to disable this feature. i am sorry to hear that you don't like your new washer. many of the newest models will have a lid lock. there are a few models that still have a lid switch that will simply stop the washer when the lid is opened. i provided a sears.com link for one example of a kenmore washer that fits this description. there may be a few of these machines left in your area. you may consider exchanging your washer for this model or a similar model. let me know if you need more help.

Jacob, June 18, 2011

charlie, i am having the same frustration as you. why does the lid need to lock during the fill ups and non movement periods? i can understand the lock when it is actually moving, but every other time is just a nuisance and is not providing any extra safety. i am assuming your lock is like mine, but for my new kenmore top load, the lock is not a pressure switch with lock, but a magnet. the magnet is what actually closes the circuit allowing the washer to start and the plastic hook is just what the machine locks onto. as far as disabling the switch, i do not know as of yet, but am planning on figuring out how. i will probably take one of two approaches. 1. first approach: a. remove the existing latch from the lid. b. modify the latch so that i have a simple pull tab/key that i can put in the slot or remove myself. (may, buy a replacement switch that i can modify, so i have the original if ever needed). 2. second approach: a. remove the existing latch from the lid. b. if the circuit is a simple two wire loop just short circuit the loop. however, this second approach has a problem if the controller requires the circuit to be reset every cycle. (it may not let you start a new cycle without seeing the lid open.) i have not tested this hypothesis, but it could also be bypassed by holding the 3sec cancel button. anyway, the experts here are not allowed to tell you how to disable a safety feature, therefore for true help you will probably have to look elsewhere. - jacob

Mary, June 19, 2011

jacob, i'd love it if you would follow up with your results. i'm not electro-smart, but have a hubby who is and would really like to get a fix for this. thanks!

Jacob, June 22, 2011

hello mary, here are some pictures of how i fixed mine. note, this fix is for kenmore washers with a magnetic latch / lock and may not work for everyone. check your latch model and setup before doing anything, however, check out what i did because my method is a non destructive fix (nothing is broken). i would rate this fix as a beginner level fix (most anyone should be able to do this). i used my first approach as mentioned in my first post. 1. i removed the existing latch. 2. bought a new latch to modify (about $11)(part no. w10240513, just search for it online). 3. took apart the new latch so that i just had the magnetic hook (very easy). 4. found the optimal position of the latch in the washer lock mechanism (this is so that the magnet is at the right height for the mechanism, also easy to do). 5. find whatever thing will hold that latch at that height in the mechanism; whether you tape it there, use a skinny clothes pin (like i did in the pictures), or use your own creative method (just find what you have laying around). 6. my fix does not affect the lid's ability to close at all. my lid closes without even touching my modification. 7. now wash away. its that easy. it took me about 30min to do even with taking the pictures as i went along. just give it a shot, if this does not work for you, just re-install your original latch till you find what does ;). do note: check the product number of your specific latch to make sure it is the same as mine before making any orders (the number is in small etched print on the latch assembly itself). i have attached the pictures, but here are some links in case that does not work. http://i55.tinypic.com/2w1s83k.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/2j15tuo.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/21d0dwp.jpg - jacob

Lyle W , June 23, 2011

modfying the washer in this manner will void the warranty and can lead to serious injury.

CHARLIE MOORE, June 23, 2011

lyle, thanks for the input. respectfully, first i would like to say, my issue is not with you or sears either. it�s with the manufacturer. the manufacturer has a lock on my dishwasher and my refrigerator, but i have the option of using the lock or not. i would like that option with my washing machine. the manufacturer sees the lock as a necessary nuisance---i see it as an unnecessary nuisance. i�m 65 years old with no children in the house. i have no need to lock my washing machine lid. your company policy probably does not allow you to tell us how to circumvent the lock, but that is the expert information we are trying to ascertain. charlie

Mary, June 23, 2011

yes, thanks, lyle. i understand the position you have to take and will wait until my warranty is up to do this. but, like charlie, for me it's just a pain in the butt. and, charlie, thanks for the info! :-)

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