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What does an F7 error code mean on my oven?

My oven is beeping and giving an F7 code. What does that mean?

Posted June 13, 2007


Jimmy K, April 17, 2008

i don't know your make or model number. please see below:
admiral – range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= function key shorted or stuck button. replace touch pad or clock assembly (erc) or un-stick button.
amana – range/stove/oven fault codes glass link electronic range control (erc)
f7=shorted touch panel verify glass to adapter board connection good, if so, replace glass panel.
amana - dual convection wall oven
f7=failure detected in self-clean lock circuitry. check the door latch mechanism.
caloric - electronic range control (erc) iii / relay board with separate board / push
f7=shorted or sticking button. check glass touch panel alignment, replace if necessary.
caloric - rst376 gas range fault codes
f7= touch panel button stuck replace touch panel (membrane).
dacor - range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= failure of the self- clean automatic door latch system. check door latch and switch(s).
frigidaire - range/stove/oven fault codes version 1
f7= lock motor relay watchdog circuit is active when it should be off. the edc lock or relay failed. replace edc.
frigidaire - range/stove/oven fault codes version 2
f7= eoc (electronic oven control) failure.
ge - xl44 self clean oven fault codes
f7= stuck keypad may mean relay is turned on.
determine if problem is with the key panel or control by: pushing clear/off pad.
disconnect the ribbon cable from control and wait at least 32 seconds to see if code returns
if code returns, problem is in the control. replace control.
if code does not return, problem is with the key panel.
ge - "new '99" range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= shorted clear/off key due to membrane switch, control or connector
shorted key panel membrane switch, check the electronic range control (erc).
ge - range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= function pad button stuck. unstick button, bad clock, or replace electronic range control (erc).
hotpoint - range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= function pad button stuck. unstick button or replace electronic range control (erc) clock assembly.
jenn-air - range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= function key shorted or stuck button. replace touch pad/clock assembly (also called the erc) or attempt to unstick button.
jenn-air - 'newer style' range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= shorted key sensed for 32 seconds. membranes shorted or display board defective.
kenmore - 911 series (general electric/roper)
f7= touch pad key bad. replace touch pad.
kenmore - 790 series eoc (frigidaire)
f7= stuck touch pad key.
kitchenaid - range/stove/oven fault codes
f7-e0= input switch error. remove red connector on latch mech.
maytag - type "c" and "d" clocks range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= shorted key sensed for 32 seconds. membrane short or display board.
roper - range/stove/oven fault codes
f7= (a) function pad button stuck, unstick button. (b) bad clock. replace clock assembly (erc).
roper - range/stove 24" built-in self-clean wall oven
f7= computer logic interrupted (lock motor). replace electronic range control (erc)
tappan - range/stove/oven fault codes (also see frigidaire)
f7= eoc (electronic oven control) failure replace electronic oven control.

Paul, May 16, 2011

i am getting error codes "f7" and "d9" f7 is a well-documented issue, but i cannot find any information on d9. any advice?

Dave, January 23, 2012

f7 codes and continuous beeping. this is a common problem with that type of amana control. the control panel has a design problem i think, and it gets dirty and worn over time. i have replaced mine once, and it happened again less than 2 years later. i took the control panel out, and inspected it. i found a web solution, that said to shim the control panel out away from the housing slightly because it rubs on the metal around the opening and damages the control board contacts. i could see little scratch marks on the plastic skin around the edge of the button area, so that made sense. i tried that, and it still did not work. mine seemed to be the timer control buttons that were going on and off. so, i took it out again, and actually peeled the control surface membrane off of the control board. no going back now, i thought. i got it off and looked at the control panel. it looked fine, but there was a lot of gunk and wear marks around the edge of the button area. i cleaned it up with alcohol swabs, and put the cover back on the board. all of the printed circuit looked fine.....no damage or broken contact points. it was also still sticky enough to go back on. i reinstalled it, and "bingo" no more problem. it has been fine for 3 months now. yahooo! i think the adhesive on the panel membrane gets warm and melts a little, and then fouls the contacts under the buttons, or causes them to stick on.

Anonymous, April 19, 2012

how do you get to the control panel?

Dave, April 19, 2012

on my range, the ceramic top lifts off on the front side. there are two clips about an inch or two from the left and right edge on the ceramic cook top, in the front. you pry up on the front and using a screwdriver you push in on the clip on each side and it will pop loose. the lid is hinged in the back, so you carefully lift up and slide it back, and it will sit there on the hinge. once that was off, i just took the bolts off of the inner control panel mount from the inside of the cooktop area, and pulled it out. disconnect the ribbon cable, which is a little finicky, and then you have the control surface plate.......mine has the plastic film over the circuit board. i just peeled it off, to do the work i described above. you have to be extremely careful not to damage the components or cable. , and also make sure the range is unplugged. burner connections and wiring is all 120v, so it would hurt to get zapped.

carol, April 19, 2012

ty ty ty


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