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Hoovermodel #64

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Program an old garage door opener to a new remote

I have a Craftsman model 139.655000, and it works fine. I'm trying to get a new remote to work with this door. I have a second door/motor unit/remote, installed at the same time, also working well. The old remote model is 139.53681B, and I'm told by customer service that this it the one I need. I purchased one from my local store. I've followed the directions and can't program it. There's no flashing light... My motor has a single red/orange square button and NO light to flash. No switches inside. It only says "wait 5 minutes before resetting". That's all....I've tried to press it and wait five minutes, then hold both buttons for 10 seconds and other stuff....How do I program the new remote for my old unit?

Posted May 27, 2011


Barbara H. , May 27, 2011

programming older garage door openers does require some instruction. while you wait for the expert to review this remote for your opener, you can check two previous expert posts with some instructions for this opener that may help. i attached the links below. hope this information helps.

Don, May 27, 2011

that old opener will not work with newer remote hand units but someone may have added a universal receiver along the way. see if you have something that looks like this (below) and follow the directions.

Bob M, May 28, 2011

thanks don: i have two doors/openers and the other one has what you've described. i think i just have to get the universal and hook it up the same way. cheers!

Sam A, May 28, 2011

thank you for your question.

i can understand wanting to get the new remote to work with this opener.

i do not think the sales agent realized just how old this opener is.

the 139.65000 series was manufactured from 1958 to 1979. it only had four different 4 channel selection with 64 possible code variations.

it is not compatible with any current model remotes.

you would have to use a universal remote system, part number 53751, to get your opener to work with currant model remotes.

this door opener is no longer considered safe to use since it has no safety sensors that have been required since 1992.

universal remote system .

thank you for using manage my life.


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