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General Humidifiermodel #40

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Craftsman 247.889571 snow thrower.

The drive cable on this snow thrower isn't attached to the drive control handle. It's just hanging loose and I can't tell where the metal end is supposed to go.

Posted December 26, 2010


Barbara H. , December 26, 2010

the snow thrower isn't much help with all the snow falling when it is out of commission. while you wait for the expert, you can check the diagrams in the owner's manual and the schematics at sears parts direct if you like. they may help you see where this cable should attach and how. i attached both links below. hope this helps!

Rick, December 27, 2010

my earlier post seems to have disappeared. none of the above information was of any help. the clutch cable/drive cable isn't mentioned or pictured in the operator's manual or either of the places linked above. i just spoke to a person from manage my life and was told that there is no way i can even speak to a technician who could help me. my only options are to pay for a service call on this brand new unit, or to drive it 120 miles to the nearest service center. but i think what i'll do is just return this snow thrower and get my money back and go buy another make from a local merchant who can actually help me if i have a problem. this is a huge disappointment. i've bought tools and machines from sears for nearly 40 years and have never had such poor response to a problem with a brand new item.

XX Wade_, December 28, 2010

the end of the drive cable at the handle should be in a "z" type shape. there are holes on the inside side of the handle for the cable to attach into. push the z end of the cable into the hole, when the rim of the hole is on what would be the diagonal of the "z", the cable should be able to pull and then lie flat against the handle.

thank you for using manage my life!

XX Wade_, December 28, 2010

for what it's worth, we no longer have local shops where technicians work to be able to field questions and things like this. all of our technicians are on the road during the day making home service calls. part of our purpose (at manage my life) is to pick up some of that slack. normally we get questions answered rather quickly. with the sudden snow storm and the holiday it has set us behind somewhat so we are having to play catch-up this week only to have another holiday at the end of the week. we're working hard to get everyone's questions answered though. thank you for using our service.


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