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Frigidaire Electric rangemodel #FEF366DSF

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Oven will not heat. Bake and broil not working.

Electric Frigidaire range, approx 5 years old, put in self clean mode. A few minutes in heard a pop and saw blue flash in upper left corner of stove top. Oven went out. Turned breaker back on and all burners/clock and display all work properly. Baking/broiler elements would not work. I have replaced the baking element trying to troubleshoot to problem, still not working. Other than paying someone to come out and see it, what else could it be?

Posted November 09, 2010


Dezeray S, November 09, 2010

while you are waiting on an expert to answer your question, a suggestion i have is to resubmit your question with a model number so you can get a better answer from one of the experts. you can also visit sears home services website to set service with a sears technician. i attached the link below. hope this helps! www.searshomeservices.com

turiflower1972, November 09, 2010

frigidaire electric range model # fef366dsf i have replaced part #316075104 baking element

Lisa, November 09, 2010

i have a kenmore model gas range, model # 3627526191 and my oven will not work

Joey S, November 10, 2010

if in fact the bake element had burnt out and shorted it likely caused the electronic oven control to fail. based on your symptom and details when the pop and blue flash occurred it was likely caused by either a shorted bake element or a wire that shorted to ground. when this happens it can knock out the control board.

there is a common circuit to both bake and broil element which is controlled by the electronic oven control (eoc) board. see image below.

the bake and broil elements requires 220 volts to in order to heat. it needs both, line 1 and line 2 voltages. the line 2 voltage is controlled by the control board. when the bake element or wire shorted it damaged the eoc and it is no longer providing the l2 voltage to either bake or broil element. it will likely need a new control board. note: i recommend disconnecting the power supply and then raise the top and remove the cover from behind the console and check for any signs of a burnt or short wire before replacing the control board.

the control board is part #316557100 and can be ordered from sears parts direct .

Joey S, November 10, 2010

lisa: your oven is not likely operating because of a weak or broken glow bar igniter. open the broiler drawer and start the oven. if you see a red glow and the burner never ignites, remove and replace the igniter and it will likely operate again. if it does not glow, then it could have a failed oven control board or gas safety valve.

Robert J. Ogden, November 17, 2010

i need help with the broiler - it will not turn on. i press "broil" -- appear in display. i press and hold the symbol for desired broil setting level and nothing happens. the unit does not light! please answer if i need a service man to check out the controls.

Joey S, November 18, 2010

anonymous: based on the limited information, you’re describing a faulty oven control board. you did not indicate if you’re able to program bake or not. based on your symptom, you will need a service technician to diagnose the failure. it's likely going to need a new control if you’re not able to get the broil to program or heat.


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