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Fitness Quest Fit-one skiermodel #F01

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Kenmore Elite He5 error code F01 - which is the right part number for control board

Hello, I have a Kenmore Elite He5 part number 110.97086601 gas dryer. It will run, but there is no heat. I checked the house breakers and they are fine. I then ran the diagnostics program and received a F-01 error code which I know from reading around this site is the control panel having gone bad. Can you please tell me the right part number to order so I can replace the control board and be back in business? Thank you very much for your assistance.

Posted February 27, 2013


mike, February 27, 2013

went to searspartsdirect.com and found my answer: part #: w10110641. this is a great site, thank you for posting all this valuable information for us do-it-yourselfers. at the end of the day, given that i needed the part now and i went with the expedited shipping, i estimate savings of $40. thanks again!

Lyle W , March 01, 2013

hello mike. i see that you got the right part number for the machine control board on that dryer. i posted a procedure for replacing that control board in the image below. be sure that you unplug the dryer before accessing internal components.


note: your details indicate that you have the tech sheet since you ran that diagnostic test mode. make sure that you saw that f-01 code as a current fault code and not a stored fault code in memory. the dryer will usually not run or operate at all when you have the f-01 failure as a current code.


if you need more help, reply with additional details and we will assist you further. 

mike, March 02, 2013

hi lyle, well, not sure why my reply yesterday didn't post back to the message board. i had taken a picture of the control board and uploaded which was because my old board had the red wire on the "on" terminal and black wire on the "com" terminal of the component at the right rear of the board (if facing the front of the dryer). this was how the old one was hooked up, but i thought the schematic showed it the other way around??? anyway, after replacing the board, the dryer turned on and threw another f-01 error code. i pulled the bottom panel off and tested the thermal fuse and, guess what?, yep, that's right it reported an open circuit! sure wish i'd started here as this is probably the root cause all along. while i was in there i checked the high limit thermostat and thermal cut-off - both reported back a happy beep from the multi-meter of a closed circuit and parts okay. do you happen to have the part number for the thermal fuse handy? i'll obviously go look at searspartsdirect... thanks so much for your help. (i've also set this to a public conversation as i hope it can help someone else). mike

mike, March 02, 2013

okay, dryer is back up and fully functional - it now supplies heat again. i found the thermal fuse part number: 3392519 and was able to pick it up at our local sears store - i know message boards don't like exact pricing details, but let's just say this was a little financial lessen in tracking down the root cause of the issue and it is always better to start with the simple, cheap parts before replacing things like the control board. if anyone else out there is seeing a f:01 error code, but your dryer will still spin the drum and run the blower, but just no heat, take it from my experience and lyle pointing out that normally a "true" f:01 error code (which says replace the control board) results in a completely non-functional dryer (i.e. it won't turn on / do anything). if you are seeing the f:01 error, but just have no heat, check the thermal fuse (while i was there i also checked the thermostat and thermal cut-off for connectivity) and if any of these are found non-functional, replace them before jumping to the board. lyle - one last question, do i have to do anything to clear the f:01 error code from the machine's memory - i ran the diagnostic check again and now get a happy 0:00 reading, i just want to be sure i don't have to do anything special to clear the prior f:01 fault code. thanks again.

Lyle W , March 04, 2013

you can enter the diagnostic test mode and then immediately exit that mode to clear the fault codes. i posted some technical information for that process in the image below. once you enter and then exit that diagnostic test mode, any of the saved fault codes should be erased.


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