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Craftsman Lawn mowermodel #24737034

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Starter Rope Won't Pull

I haven't run my mower (Craftsman model 247.37034) in a month. When I tried to start it the rope won't pull, like the recoil starter is seized. I had the same problem when I first assembled it, but that was because the handle wasn't pull back far enough. That is not the problem now but it acts like it is. How do I free this thing up so I can get it to run?

Posted August 11, 2012


Joseph , August 11, 2012

i am sorry that you are having some difficulties with your mower and i will be happy to help. i did some research and i was able to find a link that will provide you with some good information. i hope this helps with your mower troubles while you wait for your expert response.

John, August 11, 2012

thanks for the quick response. the mower has run in the past. nothing is obstructing the blade, as i can manually move it (sparkplug wire is off). the control cable is connected and appears to release the engine brake. still no go. anyy other suggestions?

Mark T , August 12, 2012

thank you for your question.

i am sorry you are having a problem with the mower. if the starter rope will not pull out, i recommend checking the oil level first. if the oil level is fine, be sure the cable from the handle to the engine is connected. if it is off the engine break will not release. if the cable is connected, you have to disconnect the spark plug wire. then tip the mower onto its side with the air filter up. with gloved hands, inspect for debris jamming the blade. if it is clear, try to turn the blade by hand. if you can turn the blade, tip the mower back over and connect the spark plug wire. if the rope still will not pull out the problem could be the rope came out of the starter pulley.

i hope this is helpful. please let me know if you need further assistance.

thank you for using manage my life.

mark t.

Mark T , August 13, 2012


i will post this answer on both questions. when you reply, just post on your original question. you stated that it looks like the engine brake is releasing and you can turn the blade. if the rope will not come out, i suspect the starter is the problem. i recommend removing the starter first. i posted a link below that will take you to a video on how to remove the starter. once it is removed, disconnect the spark plug wire, and have a helper hold down the engine control bail. then see if you can turn the flywheel by hand. if you can turn the flywheel, try to pull the starter rope out. if it will not come out the video shows how to repair the starter.
please let me know what you find.
thank you for using manage my life. mark t.


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