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Craftsman Mowermodel #917374358

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Lawn Mower Won't Start

I own a Sears Craftsman 700 Series Briggs & Stratton 22" Multi Cut Lawnmower (Model # 917.374358). I went to start it up today and it will not start. It was just working about 2 weeks ago when I mowed last and I have owned it for just over a year. I have replaced the spark plug and cleaned the air filter, but it hasn't helped. I am able to pull the start cord all the way and I hear the engine turning, it just never catches and lights off.

Posted August 12, 2012


Marc, August 12, 2012

the mower is great for helping with the work around the yard. i found some information for you that i am really hoping will help you. i am adding the link below to help you with your question while you wait for your expert response. i do hope that this will help you out.

Robert, August 12, 2012

additional info - there is no primer or choke on this lawnmower.

Eisen, August 12, 2012

see my answer in link .

Jerry C, August 13, 2012

hello robert,

i would like to assist you with your mower not starting. the link that eisen has provided is a good start to check for water in the fuel system and to verify that the jet is clear. it is a good idea to also go completely through it,

i usually find that old or dirty fuel causes the problem that you are describing. there is a high probability that water and debris is in the bottom of the float bowl and this needs to be cleaned out. . i've attached a video link here to assist you. it is of a different model, but the principal is the same. old fuel is a very common issue that causes engines to run incorrectly and even not at all. gasoline that has ethanol (alcohol) in it is notorious for holding water in suspension and then allowing it to condense and "drop out" when it cools.

be sure to have safety goggles and fuel resistant gloves and remove the spark plug wire. on the bottom of the carburetor there is a 1/2 inch bolt that holds the float bowl on. remove this bolt and note any debris or water that is in the bottom of the float bowl. wipe out the float bowl and then ensure the small drilled holes in the bolt are not plugged.

i would suggest that you use a little new fuel to re-rinse out the tank and line at this point. put a small container under the open lower part of the carburetor to catch the fuel in and discard it.

this should do it, reassemble the parts in reverse order, fuel it up and give it a try. be sure to discard any fuel older than four weeks! let me know if i can be of further assistance.

jerry c.

Robert, August 13, 2012

thanks for the tips. i'll be sure to try these later in the week when i get a chance to work on it.

LOREN, August 16, 2012

l would suggest you invest in some fuel stabilizer. put it in your gas can before you fill it. i have done this for years and never have a fuel related problem because of bad fuel.

Robert, August 16, 2012

got it up and running. i had replaced the spark plug but didn't know that i needed to ensure it was gaped correctly. gaped it properly to .03 and it started right up. thanks for all the help, i will keep this info in mind in case this happens again and isn't fixed by just a spark plug.


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