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Craftsman 6hp 21" multi-cut rotary lawn mowermodel #917388391

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Craftsman Lawnmower stopped running

Craftsman Lawnmower, model 917.388391. While mowing the lawn, the mower just quit. Not slowly as if out of gas, just died. Could not restart. Then smelled gas so knew it was flooded.. l let it sit for an hour and just would not turn over, but did smell gas after a bit. Today, I took it apart a bit. Checked the air filter...minor dirt. Put in a new plug from Sears for old one was 2 years old but looked good. Took off muffler and checked it out, looked good. Oil was ok and gas in it. Tried testing to see if there was a spark and do not think there is. Cannot think of anything else other that the Armature, Magneto or Ignition Module. Part # 802574. Do you think that is my problem or have other suggestion? Wade responded to orig question. Wade_B EXPERT August 23, 2012 Try this: On the cable that runs from the bail arm (the handle you hold down to start): When you hold the bail arm, pull/push on the bare part of the cable and then immediately try to start (after you've primed/choked). If the engine starts then the problem will be the cable. The cable can stretch out a little bit over time and cause the kill switch to not quite get disconnected when you press down the bail arm. If that does not seem to be the issue then the ignition coil has most likely failed and you'll need to replace it. Thanks Wade. Looked at what you suggested. cable is okay, brake does not stay on or rub the flywheel. Took mower apart and replaced the ignition coil or module (magneto). Still doe not get a spark. Tried to get the module as close as I could without touching the flywheel. Used a business card as a spacer. Had the brake open and flywheel moves without dragging. Tried touching the spark plug wire to motor while turning the flywheel and no spark. ANY SUGGESTIONS??? A neighbor said there should be points under the flywheel and another one says no. Do not see anything in the owners manual. IS THERE ANYTHING UNDER THE FLYWHEEL THAT MIGHT BE THE CAUSE??? Many thanks to all

Posted August 27, 2012


Julio, August 27, 2012

i can understand the concern on wanting to know why your mower has stopped working properly. while you are waiting for your expert answer, i did some research on the unit. at this time, i was unable to locate information that would be helpful in regards to your question. some of these questions that are asked will need specific research and will be answered by an expert with-in two business days but usually sooner.

Mark T , August 28, 2012

thank you for your question.

i am sorry you are having a problem with the mower. if you are not getting any spark there is one more check, you can do. this is to remove the kill wire from the armature. first, remove the top of the engine to access the armature. then remove the small wire from the armature. now you have to reinstall the top of the engine and check for spark again. if you still do not have spark the armature is defective. the part can be ordered from the following link. craftsman mower parts if you do have spark the problem is with the engine brake or the engine control cable.

i hope this is helpful. please feel free to reply below with more details if you need further assistance.

thank you for using manage my life.

mark t.

Steve, September 01, 2012

thanks for the tip mark. i did take the wire off and cleaned out the clip with a chip of sandpaper and also sanded the bare wire at the opposite end. had already replaced the armature but this time moved it a hair closer to the flywheel without it rubbing. put it all back together (also replaced the fuel hose for it was cracking), primed it and it tried to start. waited a bit and she started right up and still runs today. so, was it the armature being moved, the wire being cleaned, both??? whatever, it works good. many thanks

Mark T , September 05, 2012


i am glad to hear you have the mower up and running again. please keep us in mind if you have any other problems with the mower.

thank you for using manage my life. mark


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