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Craftsman Black & decker dustbuster plusmodel #DUSTBUSTERPLUS61371

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Kenmore dishwasher won't start, Smart Wash light is blinking.

I have a Kenmore dishwasher model number 665.17483300. I usually run Smart Wash. I pressed the button but the Normal Wash light started flashing. I tried to cancel. Then the Normal Wash and Cancel lights were flashing. I turned off the breaker to get it to clear. I tried again. Pressed Smart Wash, Normal Wash flashed, but then I tried to start it on the Normal Wash. It would not start. I tried to cancel again, but it would not clear or run. I have replaced both the key pad and control board, but it didn't help. Any ideas?

Posted April 08, 2013


Dezeray, April 08, 2013

dishwashers are the greatest appliances to have it cleans all the dishes for you. while you are waiting on an expert to answer your question, i found a great link in the manage my life website on your problem. i have attached the link below. hope this helps!

Lee, April 08, 2013

yes, i have seen this link. i have already replaced the key pad as this link suggested and it did not help. i went a step closer and replaced the control board, but i still have the same symptoms. i have also ohm'd the thermal fuse and it still has continuity. i was able to get it to run the self test cycle a couple of times and nothing shows up. currently it's back to a flashing smart wash and nothing works.

John H, April 09, 2013

thanks for contacting managemylife.com. i understand how frustrating it is having trouble with your dishwasher not running. we are here to help. dezeray provided a good link on this problem. replacing the keypad should have solved the problem. the thermal fuse is good because, there is a sign of life in the dishwasher. i recommend check the tail. that is the ribbon cable between the keypad and the electronic control. also, check the interconnect board. both parts come with console assembly. the door latch should also be checked with a multimeter. the images below is a keypad test to help with troubleshooting the console. i split the image in 2  to help make the image more readable. i hope this helps.
to order dishwasher parts, please visit searspartsdirect.com with the model number.
please feel free to let me know if you need further assistance. we are always here to help.
thank you for using managemylife.com.


Lee, April 10, 2013

hi john, i ohm'd out the tail, interconnect board, and switch on the latch. all appear good. remember also that i purchased a new keypad plus a control board, and the symptoms are still the same. i also checked the keypad with the chart you provided, except for the 3 keys i don't have. also, my keypad has a smart wash key that is the one that i have problems with. i found out tonight that if i remove power and then reapply, no keys will be lighted. however, the only keys that light when they are depressed are the "smart wash" or "cancel". if i press smart wash, the key will light, but you can't do anything else except pressing the cancel will turn off the light. then if you press cancel again, it will actually attempt to drain the tub and if you put water in it, it will actually drain the tub. nothing else will work though. left unattended for awhile with power on, it will eventually go to a flashing "normal wash" or "smart wash" or both. this has become very frustrating. i just wish i had a set of troubleshooting steps i could reference.

John H, April 11, 2013

lee, i provided another diagnostic test for the dishwasher. also, check the thermistor with the meter. make sure it is working properly. otherwise, the dishwasher is acting like a software glitch or a new part with the same problem. under this strange situation, a service technician may have to fix the problem.

Lee, April 13, 2013

hi john, i tried the self test sequence, but since none of the keys besides smart wash and cancel respond, this did not work either. i ohm'd the thermistor and is 49.9k. if i remove power, i can run the cancel/drain cycle, but that is all. if there is standing water, it will get pumped out. what do you mean by software glitch? i have 2 controller boards and they basically do the same thing. is there some other electronics in the control circuit? the keypads appear fine and also the tail. i have ohm'd all these out, plus the spare keypad i bought generates the same symptoms. surely there must be other items that would cause the lockup with the flashing smart wash or normal keys that i could check? again could you elaborate on "software glitch"?

John H, April 15, 2013

lee, a software glitch is, when a computer acts strange and rebooting the fixes the problem. the dishwasher reboot is cut the power for 2 minutes only. once the time is up, power up the dishwasher. if the problem remains, it is not a software problem. since you could not do the keypad test i recommend checking each key with the meter. there should be a connection from each key to the computer. if there is not, the circuit is open. that is very strange for 2 keypads with the exact problem. the remaining electrical parts is, the motor, and heating element. those parts are not the problem. i suspect a part is failing powered up and checking good without power. this may be something a technician has to fix.

Lee, April 15, 2013

thanks for your response john. currently, after removing power, i am only able to run a cancel/drain cycle. there was a point in time that occasionally after removing power, i could run the self test which ran through several phases, but i'm not sure it really ran the complete test as it finished in probably 5 minutes or less, but never displayed any flashing error codes. i can no longer do this though and nothing has really changed. the chart you sent me to check the switches didn't have the smart wash on it. do you have access to the chart for my model number 665.17483300 which i now have memorized from typing it so frequently? also is there any component that if it fails, it is logged in nonvolatile memory such that even after removing power, the controller will no longer respond. it seems to me that the keypad and controller board are probably good, but i haven't really checked anything else besides the thermal fuse and thermistor. what is the small sensor by the steam vent? can it shut down the unit?

Lee, April 15, 2013

my thought is that if i can't fix it, it's going to the dump. especially if i can't even figure out what the problem is. also, this will probably be my last kenmore as it has been problematic, but not too hard to fix. i don't mind making minor repairs, but normally i give up on something when the repair costs don't seem to have value. i only like to call a repair technician if i don't have time to do it myself, or the complexity is above my comfort range. if i have to call someone because the unit is too flakey, it's time to take it to the dump and dry to find a better unit next time. i quit buying maytag front loaders for this very reason.

John H, April 16, 2013

lee. here is the only other schematic i have on the image below. the test i provided is for your dishwasher, but it does not mention smart wash. did you check the soil sensor located in the pump? it is also a thermistor. the second image shows the soil sensor. that is what smart wash uses, to determine if the water is clean or dirty.


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