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Craftsman Cultivatormodel #536292522

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Questions & Answers about this model powered by

Craftsman tiller Model 536 stopped turning.

Model: 536.29252100 Craftsman Tiller Tines turn but stop when pressure applied. This could be a transmission problem in which case it is not worth repair. Could it be the clutch rotar instead.

Posted March 08, 2012


Barbara H. , March 08, 2012

it is the season to till the ground in preparation for all the spring planting. a well functioning tiller is so important. i did some searching and located two similar questions that may help while you wait for the expert response. i attached the links below. i hope this helps get back to planning the planting.

XX Wade_, March 09, 2012

this problem is unlikely to be the transmission failing. it will more than likely be the clutch (rotor) that's causing the problem. between the engine and the gearbox (transmission) is the clutch (pt 335350ma). you can order a replacement clutch (rotor) from here .

thank you for using manage my life!

James, May 02, 2012

thank you barbara h and wade, this info is very helpful, i just retired and love doing my gardening and yard work. my tiller may be a bit old bit i think it still has many good years. i'll be dismantling the machine today and i'll write a resolution summary when complete - great site which people should find very beneficial and hopefully save some money, again, thanks guys ---

Mark T , May 02, 2012

james, good luck with the repair. i recommend taking pictures as you take the tiller apart. the pictures might come in handy later when you reassemble the tiller. i cannot tell you how many times i have had the question asking how to reassemble the gear case. i feel bad because the manufacture does not have the information on how the transmission goes together. please let me know how the repair goes. thank you for using manage my life! mark t.

James, May 02, 2012

good morning mark t. - i guess so far so good, i have only removed the tines/blades so far and i did take pictures of the removal, i will also take step by step pictures that i can also upload to this site if it would be helpful as i continue later today. just one question sir, would you be inclined to think that it could be the clutch as wade suggested, i believe his diagnosis to be correct???? love this site --- thanks much -- james

Mark T , May 02, 2012

the problem is likely the clutch but i recommend checking the gear case before you order the parts. once you have access to the clutch turn the input shaft to the gear case. when you turn the shaft, the tine shaft should also turn. if the tine shaft turns, you should only need the clutch.

James, May 02, 2012

outstanding sir, thanks for the added advice, i'll keep you posted -- my retired neighbor asked me to help him with repairing his deck so it will be later today before i can get back to my tiller. retirement seems awful busy so far but i guess retired people have to stick together (ha) --- thanks again -- have a great day -

James, May 02, 2012

hello mark, well sir, i think i have done things right, got some good pictures and documentation on dismantling my machine - i think the problem is with the gear that is attached to the axle/tine shaft, it appears to be brass and pretty much sheared, the other parts seem to be fine, i attached some pictures of the shaft, clutch - now my question, can the gear/shaft be purchased separately and how can i tell if the clutch is o.k., it seems to be fine???? new experience, enjoying this, if it works out ---- please advise --

James, May 02, 2012

hey mark, after research, i think i found the shaft and gear part # 56159ma for $72.00 from sears - i think it's worth the investment, your thoughts please?? thank you so much for your help sir --- james

Mark T , May 04, 2012

james, the shaft and gear you found look to be the correct part but i cannot be sure. the reason is our parts list does not break the transmission down into parts. we only show the transmission as part number 7401030ma. if the parts list you found show the transmission as part number 7401030ma or 740061 the shaft should work for yours. please let me know where you found the shaft number. it might come in handy for other users. thank you for using manage my life. mark

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