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Craftsman Table sawmodel #113298060

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Table saw blade guard install

how to I install a blade guard on my model 113.298060 table saw?

Posted September 05, 2012


Yadira B, September 05, 2012

replacing a part on a table saw can be pretty difficult without the proper instructions. i did some research based on the question. i added a link below. an expert will respond with additional information.

Richard, September 05, 2012

that link is to a mitre saw

Sam A, September 06, 2012

thank you for your question on the table saw blade guard installation.

do you have all the parts for mounting the blade guard?

it will mount to the blade guard spreader that is connected to the rod coming out of the backside of the saw.

i will give you a parts picture to make sure you have all the parts needed to install the guard.

the guard mounts to the part number 12 which is attached to number 10 and all those hardware parts in that area of the picture.

table saw model 113.298060 parts list .

use the picture to see if you have all the parts.

sam a.

Richard, September 06, 2012

thanks sam, so now i know sears does not have bracket - part number: 62809. what am i supposed to do? is there an after market for this? can i get the dimensions and make it? if i can't get one the saw is unsafe to use, right? thanks, richard

Sam A, September 07, 2012

thank you for the update richard: i am sorry that the part or parts you need are not longer available. please reference the picture below. if you have part key #10 in the picture and you have the blade guard then all you will need to make is the 90 degree l bracket and then drill some holes in it to mount the blade guard to the splitter mount. i do not have the specifications on the parts. but you can use the picture to see how the bracket fits and then do some alignment checks and i would suggest that you elongate the mounting holes you can adjust it for final alignment when mounting the blade guard. i do not advocate not having the blade guard on but with some special cuts you have to take it off to complete the non through cut, like doing a rabbit cut or a dado cut. to be safe it would be better to have the blade guard on all the time unless you are doing through cuts. sam a.


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