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Craftsman Lawn tractormodel #917272053

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Questions & Answers about this model powered by

wiring diagram for a 18hp briggs and srtan twin cinlder

i need a wiring diagram for a 18hp briggs and sratan twin cilader

Posted January 22, 2013


Joseph , January 22, 2013

i did some research on the wiring diagram and i was unable to locate information that would be helpful with regards to your question at this time. your expert will answer within two business days with detailed information. thank you for using manage my life.

Mark T , January 23, 2013

thank you for your question. i know it is frustrating to connect the engine if you do not have a diagram. over the years briggs and stratton has put out many of the twin cylinder engines. unfortunately, the wiring also changed. if you could please reply below with the complete model number off the engine, i will be sure to provide you with the correct wiring.

i hope to hear from you.

thank you for using manage my life.


the1andonlyone, January 23, 2013

model number 422707 type 1522-01 code 9210285b

Mark T , January 24, 2013

the1andonlyone, thank you for posting the model number of the engine. this engine has three wires. there should be a single black wire. this wire is the kill wire that connects to the ignition coil. the other two wires have a two-pin connector on the end of them. these are from the stator to charge the battery and power the lights. the red wire has a diode that converts the ac voltage to dc voltage. this is the wire that charges the battery. the black wire puts out ac voltage that is usually used to power the headlights. now some tractors use this wire and others do not. if you are installing this engine on a craftsman tractor, please reply below with the tractor model number i will look up the tractor wiring diagram. then i can tell you if the tractors light work off ac or dc voltage. i hope to hear from you. mark.

the1andonlyone, January 24, 2013

the tractor model number is 917-272053 will itt be better if i send a picture of the motor and the wiring

the1andonlyone, January 24, 2013

is there i wiring diagram u can send me

Mark T , January 28, 2013

the1andonlyone, thank you for posting the tractor model number. it looks like the original engine on this tractor had a stator brake. the new engine does not have this brake. the only wires you need to connect is the black and red. the black wire from the tractors engine harness will connect to the black kill wire on the engine. that wire should go to the armature. the red wire from the tractors engine harness should connect to the red wire coming from the engine. this wire is the charging wire. the other wires in the tractors engine connector are not used. they are for the engine brake and fuel shutoff solenoid. please let me know if you need further assistance. thank you mark

the1andonlyone, January 28, 2013

ok there is also wires comeing from the fly wheel there is i red and or orange and a black wire come from the fly well wat wires r them

Mark T , January 31, 2013

the1andonlyone, the orange wire is the ac output from the stator. your tractor will not use this wire because the headlights on the tractor operate off dc voltage. the red wire is the dc output from the stator. you need to connect this wire to the red wire on the tractor harness. it is used to charge the battery. the black wire should be the kill wire. the black wire should be connected to the armature on one end. you need to connect the other end to the black wire that is in the tractors harness that goes to the engine. that should be the only wires on the engine. please let me know if you need further assistance. mark

the1andonlyone, January 31, 2013

ok i did that and it wont start

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