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Craftsman Lawn tractormodel #917272246

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drive belt replacement

I need to replace the ground drive belt on my craftsman rider DLT 2000 mod# 917272246. What do I need to remove in order to replace this belt.

Posted July 24, 2013


Yadira B, July 24, 2013

when replacing the belt on the riding mower, your owner's manual provides great detail instructions.  while you are waiting for an expert to respond, i have added a link to your manual.  click here to view. 

TC, July 24, 2013

drop the deck to the lowest position then set the parking brake. remove the deck belt from the electric clutch and unplug the clutch and remove the electric clutch. then with the parking brake set you will have slack in the belt and slide the drive belt pulley off the crankshaft. then remove the belt from the idler pullies taking note of the belt routing so you know how it goes on. then remove the belt from the transaxle pulley. install the new belt on trans pulley and idler pullies put the drive belt pulley back on the crankshaft with the drive belt on and release the brake. the tension on the belt will keep the engine drive pulley in place while you get the electric clutch back on then the deck belt. also make sure you look at the electric clutch when removing it because there is a post that holds the clutch from turning and ripping the wires out. easier this way than removing the whole deck as in the manual. if you have a hoist in a garage take the hood off and lift the tractor up by the fame and remove the front deck hanger this will let the deck hang down in front and give you plenty of room to work if not you can still do it this way with the deck in the lowest position you will have enough room to work with out taking the deck off.

Natasha12, July 25, 2013

thank you for choosing sears parts direct. i can certainly understand how frustrating it can be when needing your drive belt for your tractor and installation instructions. just to clarify is it the belt on the mower deck itself that controls the blades, the belt that connects to the engine and the deck, or the ground drive belt that is with the transmission?  there are three belts on your tractor and i want to make sure i get you the correct belt as well as the correct instructions.


thank you for your question. have a great day.


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