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Craftsman Tractormodel #917280084

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Fuse Location on Craftsman Lawn Tractor Model No. 917.280084.

Craftsman Lawn Tractor 54 inch electric start auto transmission: Model No. 917.280084. Our Craftsman Lawn Tractor does not start, turn-over or anything. We were told it could be the fuse, however it appears no one REALLY knows where it is located on this specific model. We have been given the wrong advice when we call in. I hope you can help, as our lawn keeps growing as we talk. We just purchased it last August so have only cut our lawn this year a few times. Please HELP!!!

Posted June 04, 2013


Dezeray S, June 04, 2013

when it comes to troubleshooting owners manuals are the best thing to have. managemylfe.com is a great place to find your owner's manual and installation guides for appliances. i did some research and found the owner’s manual. i have attached the link below. your expert will follow up and verify this information shortly. if you are having a specific problem please submit your question on the existing tread. just log back into the website. go to your profile and find your question you asked and then click on join the conversation  and  provide that information. this will speed up the process for you and save you some time.

Cyndi, June 04, 2013

craftsman lawn tractor model # 917.280084 it is ridiculous getting help. i would not buy another craftsman as the customer service sucks. i don't need the manual, i have the hard copy, i need the fuse location which is not covered in the manual. can i get help, yes or no?

Lee, June 04, 2013

refer to page 30 of the owners manual - to replace fuse -

Lee, June 04, 2013

there are also electrical and schematic diagrams available via parts direct that you may find of use - model #917280084 craftsman tractor @ //www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/part-model/craftsman-parts/riding-mower-tractor-parts/model-917280084/0247/1509200?sid=mmlxmerchandizexmanualsmodelxx917280084

Cyndi, June 04, 2013

the manual says its there, but we are not able to locate it. we are going to actually stop at the sears store and hopefully they will have our model to physically show us, as the manual does not provide the assistance we need. it must be well hidden. thank you for your prompt help; it wasn't what we needed, as we have talked to others saying the same thing, but you did try. thank you for that. i am anxious to actually find out where it is, and how come he was not able to find it? thanks again.

Lee, June 04, 2013

the schematic can be viewed at parts direct. you may want to refer to it

Lee, June 04, 2013

trace the red wire from the solenoid back.

ToolBoxHero, June 04, 2013

the small red wire from the solenoid, not the large red wire.

Cyndi, June 05, 2013

thank you, this information has been helpful. he did find the location of the fuse. since then he put one in two times - it blows-out briefly after start-up. when it blew the first time we had just started it and drove a few yards and all of a sudden for no apparent reason the lawn mower stopped. ever since have been trying to find the reason for it stopping. we did narrow it down to the fuse. but, like i said, it has been repeating to blow-out after starting up briefly. the book says to use a 30 amp, however there was a 20 amp in the mower, and the parts guy said to use a 20 amp. we now need advice on as to why the fuse would be blowing out briefly after start up. any suggestion you can give would be appreciated. ps. i believe we started another post on this forum with the same question. thank you for any help.

James, June 05, 2013

thank you for choosing managemylife.com and allowing us to help you. if you can jump cross the starter solenoid and the mower will start but when you turn the key off the tractor will not shut off. if this is the case, it might be just a loose wire connection. i recommend the checking the wire connections on the ignition switch.the fuse is locate behind the dash of your tractor. the part number is #26 and can be viewed at the searspartsdirect website. click here to view your craftsman product and that part location. click here to down load your owner's manual in pdf formt so you can have it handy on your computer for future reference. page 30 covers information about the fuse. my last link has some great information about your product and some excellent videos provided by managemylif.com. click here to view this web page of information.

if you have any follow-up questions, please continue our conversation on this existing thread.

thanks again for choosing managemylife.com


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