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Craftsman Tractormodel #917289220

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Craftsman 917.289220 won't move

My tractor Craftsman YTS3000 (917.289220) quit moving in the middle of mowing process. According to the manual I tried tried to troubleshoot this and can tell that: 1. Freewheel is in engaged position. 2. Driving Belt is not worn out ( I even replaced it with a new one just in case) 3. Transmission purged. Any ideas, folks? Thanks in advance!

Posted August 29, 2010


Barbara H. , August 29, 2010

it sounds like you have been working hard to get this resolved. while you wait for the expert answer, i found and attached some similar issues below. perhaps they may offer a path you have not yet checked. good luck!

Sergeiko, August 30, 2010

thank you barbara, i checked those posts but they are not related to my issue. my engine is running fine, i just can't get tractor to move either forward or backwards. looks like there is something going on on the transmission level, but i can only guess. but thank you anyway!

XX Wade_, August 30, 2010

you checked all the normal things to check and they appear to be good. glad you included that information.

what i want you to look at now is the actual clutch mechanism of the drive system. there is an idler bracket that actually moves (clutches) when you press the clutch/brake down. make sure that idler bracket is able to move in each direction as far as it can go. if not, you will need to pull that bracket down and clean/grease the pivot point on it. i attached a photo that should be real close to how your drive system is set up. use that drawing as a reference.

there is a tab, labeled on the drawing, that debris likes to build up behind. check that and make sure it looks good and clean around it. the return spring is something else you really should check.

basically, anything that moves on the drive system linkages and corresponding parts can be the problem. more than likely you will find a broke spring, a sticking idler bracket, or debris behind that tab.

if none of that gets you back going let me know and we will look a little further at what might be the cause of the driving problems.

thank you for using manage my life!

Sergeiko, August 31, 2010

thank you very much wade, i'll give it a try tonight. will let you know how it goes. sergei

Sergeiko, September 04, 2010

ok, sorry for the late reply, didn't have time to check this earlier. but what i found is that the clatch return spring is missing!!! probably it fell off somehow and ther eis no way for me to find it now... i'm having hard time to see where that spring is supposed to be connected to, i don't see where the idler breaker is sitting. could you please look at the attached picture and see if it is missing too? thanks, sergei

XX Wade_, September 07, 2010

yes. the spring does appear to be missing. it will connect to the idler bracket and stretch back to the black "l" shaped piece in the photo you sent.

Sergeiko, September 08, 2010

i just looked an hour ago at the tractor from the same yts product line, and that one does not appear to have any springs installed.

XX Wade_, September 08, 2010

i had my models confused. i'm sorry. i have an actual photo of how yours should be. i will attach it here. sorry for the confusion.

Sergeiko, September 11, 2010

hello, i just checked and the spring is in its place. still having the issue.... now i'm thinking that there is a problem with the transmission. i just realized that i bought the tractor in about a year ago... it still might be on warranty.

XX Wade_, September 13, 2010

that's correct. the tractor comes with a 2 year warranty. you may want to contact home services and have them come take a look at it. with the spring being in place, the only other thing that can really cause that issue is if the idler bracket that moves with the clutch is sticking and not coming back to the full tension position. that will allow the belt to have slack in it.

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