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Craftsman Pressure washermodel #580752131

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Why won't my pressure washer start?

Craftsman Pressure washer model # 580.752131. Won't start. Fuel does not reach cylinder I think. Spark is Ok. Unit almost new. Not used in a few months. I have cleaned the carb and fuel lines (which were not clogged). Fuel is reaching carb bowl but not to engine. Spraying starter fluid in the carb starts the engine for a second, which then dies immediately. Please help!

Posted December 17, 2010


James, December 17, 2010

i'm sorry that you are having difficulties. managemylife.com is a great place to research the answers to tough questions. i did find an expert answer to a very similar question. i hope it will shed some light on the issue until your expert can respond. i attached the link below.

Jimmy K , December 17, 2010

be sure the fuel in the pressure washer is less than 5 weeks old.

from your description, the carburetor jets are probably gummed up from old fuel. you probably need to take the carburetor apart and clean it good or replace it. it doesn't take long for fuel to get old in the carburetor and gum the jets up.

to rebuild the carburetor it will have to be removed from the engine. the carburetor will have to be disassembled and cleaned with carburetor cleaner. soft wires need to be pushed through the fuel and air passages and carburetor cleaner sprayed through the passages. the fuel and air passages then need to be blown out with compressed air.

the fuel and air passages are in the side of the venturi of the carburetor. when the throttle plate is closed one edge of it will be resting on the fuel and air passages.

a rebuild kit then needs to be installed and the carburetor adjusted properly.

the part number and price of the carburetor and rebuild kit are:

71 500 498260 1 $10.03 126l02-0111-f1 kit-carburetor overhaul 71 500 794304 1 $36.22 126l02-0111-f1 carburetor

you can order the parts at [www.partsdirect.com?sid=mmlxexpertxmerch].

Aqua444, December 17, 2010

james and jimmy, thanks for your comments. here is what i have already done: -- cleaned carb thoroughly using carb cleaner, wires and compressed air. all passages are clear. -- replaces fuel with new. -- reinstalled carb here is what i find now: -- the fuel is now reaching the spark plug on cranking (this is was not reaching there before) -- the unit does not start yet -- if i spray some starter fluid (one or two spurts) in the carb and crank, the engine runs for a few cycles (vvvrrrroooommmm) and then dies -- if a put a thimble of fuel in the plug area and put the spark plug in and crank, engine fires up for a few cycles and dies same way as above. not sure if i am flooding the engine... what is the next steps to take? this unit does not have a choke or primer so can't use that... still need some help!

Jimmy K , December 20, 2010

we have some confusion in our information on your pressure washer. the engine our parts information shows has a primer. the owners manual for the power washer states the pressure washer has an "easy start" engine and no choke or primer. i suspect the "easy start" mechanism is malfuctioning and causing the engine to not receive enough gas to start when it is cold. you have proven the engine will start if it gets enough fuel. get the model number off the engine blower housing and go to [www.partsdirect.com?sid=mmlxexpertxmerch]. enter the engine model in the search field and you can see a parts diagram of the engine. i modified the model of the engine to look at a model with the "easy start" feature. i am not sure i am looking at the same engine you have. look on page 2 of the parts diagram to see the "easy start" mechanism. the air vane that takes the engine out of choke is item 1386. rotate the flywheel with the spark plug removed to see how this air vane works. the thermostat and item 291 keep the choke from closing when the engine is hot. look at the choke baffle (item 141 on page 3) to see if it is closing when the engine is cold. i suspect you will find your problem in this area. if you have more questions, reply and send us the model of the engine. good luck.

Aqua444, December 20, 2010

hi jimmy, thanks for your reply. my engine model number seems to be: 126l02-0111-f1. there is another number 08051359 after that, which i assume to be the serial number.... i plugged in the model number above at the url you suggested and looked at the diagrams but could not find a 'choke baffle'. however i found the choke valve - 108 and choke shaft - 109. i am guessing you are taking about these parts. so the flap in the carb away from the engine is the choke and the one closer to the engine is the throttle, am i correct? when the engine is cold what should be the positions of these two parts? you are correct my problem must be in this so called easy start mechanism. with the above model number i am hoping you are able to guide me further. thanks!

Jimmy K , December 20, 2010

you are correct, the flap away from the engine is the choke and the one nearest the engine is the throttle. when the engine is cold the choke flap should be closed. this lets less air into the carburetor and makes the gas mixture richer for starting. the carburetor flap should be open for starting, the governor will close it down to regulate the speed when the engine starts.


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