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Craftsman Power washermodel #580767100

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Pressure Washer

My pressure washer overheats after about 10 minutes use. It is a craftsman 580.767100. Just recently I resealed the pump. Oil level is according to dipstick marks ok. Pressure is fine, what could I have done wrong?

Posted May 27, 2011


James, May 27, 2011

i'm sorry about the difficulties your having with your craftsman pressure washer. i did some research for you at managemylife.com and found an excellent article that covers a similar question that i hope will help until your expert can answer your specific question. i attached the link below. i hope the provided information is useful to you.

Sam A, May 28, 2011

thank you for your question.

i can understand your concern when the pressure washer overheats.

when it over heats are you referring to the pressure relief valve leaking water out the bottom of the pump?

if that is the case did you replace or get the parts out order when you had the pump apart.

before you rebuilt the pump there may have be damage to the thermal relieve valve and if you did not replace those parts at the time of rebuilding i would suggest replacing the thermal pressure relief.

if you are referring to some other result of overheating please add a little more detail and i will be happy to help you.

thank you for using manage my life

Christina, August 17, 2011

sam, if you don't mind, i have a question about the overheating on the pressure washer. you mentioned that the little valve at the bottom not dripping? well, my pressure washer is overheating and shutting off after 10 mins or so of run-time and i've noticed that there is no water dripping from the little valve down there. how, or what, do i replace on this? i've only had this unit a few months, it is on warranty, but i am desperate for a quick fix. my husband uses this pressure washer daily for work.

Sam A, August 17, 2011

thank you for the update on the pressure washer. i may have misunderstood your question. i understand your urgency to get the pressure washer repaired. i believe he has already done some to the pressure washer. i wonder if this problem occurred after that repair and if it has something to do with the problem or if the pressure is set to high and the engine is overheating? are you saying that the engine on the pressure washer is stopping or dieing or does the pump stop delivering pressure? does he hear the engine start to labor and then dies? what does he have to do to get it to run again? this is not a normal problem with pressure washers so i need a little more detail as to whether it is the engine or the pressure pump to be the problem if you have service look at the pressure washer you may not have any warranty because you only have a 90 day warranty for commercial use. please let me know what you have found, and we can continue our troubleshooting based on that. sam a.

Christina, August 17, 2011

to get it going again all he has to do is sit and wait a while until it cools off then it starts right back up with no problem. he's noticing that the valve at the bottom that usually drips out water is not dripping anything at all anymore. it'll run for a while then just dies completely. the pump is still delivering pressure, so he never loses pressure, it just stops completely. and my issue is completely separate from "james" in this thread...i just came across this thread and saw that you might be able to help.

Sam A, August 17, 2011

thank you for the update. you definitely have an engine problem when it will up and die for no reason. it sounds like it is running to lean. if all the air cooling fins are clean so it does not over heat then i think it has to do with the fuel problem. i would suggest cleaning the main jet on the carburetor. make sure you are using 87 octane fuels and are you using the correct spark plug heat range. on last thought, please check to make sure your vent on the gas cap is open. the clue is the every 10 minute stopping. please let me know what you have found, and we can continue our troubleshooting based on that. sam a.

Christina, August 17, 2011

ok, i will do that and let you know how that works. i really appreciate all your help with this.


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