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Craftsman Gas trimmermodel #316792020

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whirlpool gold bottom freezer leaking and ice in the bottom of freezer.

My whirlpool model # GI5SVAXVQ01 is leaking from the bottom front under the freezer and there is a sheet of ice in the freezer bottom. I took the bottom back panel off and the drain pan barely has anything in it. Is there another drain I need to look for? Do I need to take the door off and go in through the front of the freezer compartment? Hoping to be able to do this myself...

Posted April 06, 2012


Alina F. , April 06, 2012

i understand that your whirlpool gold bottom freezer is leaking water at the bottom of the freezer. while you are waiting for an expert to respond, i have attached some helpful links below that may provide information to assist you with your question. have a great day!

Jimmy K , April 07, 2012

you will need to disconnect the power to the refrigerator and remove the front of the drawer to access the problem.

with the drawer front removed, remove the inner baskets to access the evaporator coil mounted on the rear wall of the freezer. remove the evaporator cover and defrost the ice in the drain pan under the evaporator coil. defrost and remove the ice in the bottom of the freezer.

you can use a hair dryer to remove the ice from the bottom of the freezer and from the drain pan under the evaporator coil. heat the drain pan until water will run through the drain into the pan under the freezer. when water runs through the drain, pour 1/2 cup very hot water through the drain line to remove any blockage in it.

Teri, May 28, 2012

how do i remove the drawer front and access the evaporator cover?

Lyle W , May 28, 2012

hello teri. the procedure for removing the drawer front on that type of refrigerator is shown in the image below. if you need more help, let us know.

claudia, May 29, 2012

i have a whirlpool gx5fhdxva03 that is doing the same thing, but i can't figure out how to remove the upper basket in the freezer. i have removed the two screws at the front of the slides and though the slides will loosen some in the front they do not come away enough to remove the basket. any ideas on what i'm missing? thanks

claudia, May 29, 2012

i solved my own problem. for anyone else who can't figure it out, there are two small tabs in the square bracket at the back of the basket. you have to depress the tabs and lift the bracket up about an inch. one bracket cleared easily, on the other we had to use 2 screwdrivers at the same time. with the gear wheel raised, the basket will slip out.

Lyle W , May 30, 2012

hello claudia. thanks for posting those additional details about what you found. that may help others who need to remove that basket.

heidi, March 07, 2013

i am having the same problem with the whirlpool gold. the ice forms on the bottom of the freezer and also water shows up on the floor in front of the freezer. what is the problem.?

Lyle W , March 08, 2013

hello heidi. you probably have a clogged defrost drain tube. you can unplug the refrigerator and remove the items in the freezer. remove the inside back wall in the freezer compartment. you should see a drain tray under the evaporator cooling fins. there is a drain hole in that tray. defrost that area and pour some hot water down that drain hole. that should clear up your problem. if you need more help, reply with additional details (including the model number of your refrigerator) and we will assist you further.

sd, May 12, 2013

hello. i seem to have this same scenario, specifically with a whirlpool gb2fhdxws04. i removed the door and drawers, and cleaned up the excess ice from the interior, but i'm not sure what i'm doing past that. the wall and/or parts on the back wall don't appear to be removable...? can anyone give more details about what i'm removing and how?..

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