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Craftsman Trimmermodel #358791030

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Trimmer will not start 358.791030

Has a new gas filter,new lines.new spark plug,new gas in the tank. Gas in the primer blub moves. whats next?.

Posted May 24, 2013


Henry, May 24, 2013

searspartsdirect.com is always a great resource to find the answers to your parts questions.
your sears partsdirect expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner.
thank you for using searspartsdirect.com!

Rachel Morgan, May 25, 2013

thank you for contacting searspartsdirect.com with your question about your craftsman trimmer. i am so sorry to hear it will not start. i know how frustrating that must be, especially after you have done so much work on it already. i will be happy to help you with this.

based on the parts you have already replaced, it sounds like this trimmer may have been stored with fuel in it that has gone stale. if so, you will need to replace the carburetor. stale fuel becomes thick as it breaks down and clogs the openings in the carburetor. because some of the openings in the carburetor are no larger than the tip of a pin, once clogged there isn't a way to clean them. i have included the link to order the carburetor for you.

carburetor for craftsman trimmer model 358.791030.

since you didn't mention replacing the oil when you replaced the gas, i have included the link to order that also. i also recommend putting fuel stabilizer in the gas each time you buy new fuel. fuel starts to break down after as little as 2 weeks. the stabilizer will keep that fuel fresh for 2 years and will prevent the carburetor from becoming clogged in the future. while you are completing your repair, i recommend replacing the air filter. i have included that link for you also.

oil for craftsman trimmer model 358.791030. (one bottle is enough for 1 gallon of gas.) the information about the fuel and oil is starts on page 10. the type of gas used is as important as the the gas/oil mixture.
air filter for craftsman trimmer model 358.791030.
fuel stabilizer.

for information on the gas and oil mixture ratio, i have include the link for you to view the owner's manual online. (just in case you no longer have yours.)

owner's manual for craftsman trimmer model 358.791030.

the other possible issue with the trimmer not starting is the on/off switch may have failed. i have included that link for you also.

on/off switch for craftsman trimmer model 358.791030.

i hope this answers your questions. if i can be of any further assistance, please respond to this thread. thank you for choosing sears, we appreciate your business.



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