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Craftsman Trimmermodel #316711190

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How do I adjust the carburetor my Craftmen gas trimmer # 316711190?

I purhcased a Sears Craftsmen Gas Trimmer-Model 316.711190. It starts and runs, however, it does not run at top RPM. If I hold the choke, the trimmer "will" run at full RPM. This is a brand new unit. I just opened the box, filled with mixed gas and then started same. Does not run properly. Please advise. Thanks, John

Posted February 08, 2013


Marc, February 08, 2013

i found some information for you that i am hoping will be able to help you. i am adding the link below to help you with your question while you wait for your expert response. it may take two business days for your expert to respond. i do hope that this will help you adjust the carburetor.

Wade_B, February 09, 2013

if you can turn the 2 adjustment screws on the side of the carburetor then do this: turn both screws in until they stop. do not force them past where they "naturally" stop as this can damage the screws and carburetor. now back each screw out 1.5 turns and then start the machine. hold the trigger at full throttle and adjust the screw marked "h" in/out as needed to get the speed correct and the engine running smoothly (fast, but smooth). now release the trigger and adjust in/out on the screw marked "l" to adjust the low speed. again, the engine should run smooth. now pull the trigger and make sure the engine does not stumble when accelerating. if it does, adjust on the "l" screw until this situation is resolved.

if you cannot turn the adjustment screws with a readily available screwdriver then it will have to be serviced by a technician. some carburetors are epa compliant carburetors and require special tools to adjust the screws. i'll also mention that many of these carburetors are made with no screws. if yours does not have any adjustment screws then run the engine at full (or near full) speed for about 3 minutes and then see if it smooths out and runs correctly as sometimes it just has to warm up a bit.

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