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Craftsman Garage door openermodel #13953910D

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craftsman model 139.53910d garage door opener will not program

unable to reset only had 1 remote working now it will not work, is there anything I can do or will it be an expensive fix?

Posted May 10, 2013


Henry, May 10, 2013

programming garage door remotes can be a little tricky at times.  i recommend erasing all of the codes first. to erase the codes push and hold the learn button (roughly 6 seconds) until the light goes out.  i have located a link that will discuss your situation in more detail.  
click here to view the link.  though this link discusses a different model number,
the mechanics are likely going to be very similar.keep in mind that an expert will be
responding within the next two business days if not sooner and will likely offer you more information and
instruction.  i hope this link will be helpful to you and have a nice day.

Barbara H. , May 12, 2013

thank you for your question.  if i understand correctly, any previous remotes you had stopped working one by one and now the remaining remote has stopped working.  does the door open and close using the wall switch? if it does, and you have tried changing the remote batteries and clearing and entering a new code, it may be the remote is bad.  it may also be the logic board in the opener is failing.  the logic board is part #41a5021-3h-315.  the cost would be $121, which is close to the cost of a new opener.  

check the opener to see if any lights are flashing when trying to use the remote.  count the number of flashes.  the diagnostic chart on page 34 of the manual lists potential issues. if there are no flashes, you can try a new remote, but this does sound like the logic board. you can unplug the opener, remove the cover and check the wiring harness to the logic board.  look for loose connections and check the board for any burned spots. secure all connections, close up the cover, plug in opener and try again. if further assistance is needed, please reply.  thank you for using manage my life.

Anthony, May 12, 2013

i've tried switching batteries to the other remotes and nothing works, this past weekend the one that i had been using quit, thanks henry. ms barbara thanks for telling me about the circuit board i had started thinking about that late saturday nite. i'll have to take a look and see what i can do.

Anthony, May 12, 2013

i forgot to mention that the wall switch still works.

Barbara H. , May 16, 2013

hi anthony. the progression of events do indicate the logic board.

Roberto, February 22, 2015

craftsman model 139.53910d garage door opener will not open or close usin remote control or wall switch and the wall switch keep with blinking light. how can resolve this problem? thank for any help. att robert


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