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Craftsman Chain sawmodel #358351820

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craftsman chainsaw 358.351820 fuel cap swells up after use and is hard ro remove and re-install This happened with the original cap and the replacement cap

what is causing this problem and what can be done $13 for a new cap might not solve the problem I live in Poertland, Oregon model number 358.351820 CRAFTSMAN chain saw fuel cap # 530047192 any word from the mfg about this problem

Posted April 14, 2012


James, April 14, 2012

any issue with gasoline should be a concern. the managemylife website is a great place to find answers to questions that need qualified and insightful responses. some of these questions that are asked will need specific research and will be answered by an expert with-in two business days but usually sooner. i found this one expert answer on gas caps that may help.

Sam A, April 16, 2012

thank you for your question on the gas cap hard to get off after running the saw.

i am sorry you have having a problem with the gas cap on the chain saw.

i am not sure there is anything that can be done about this problem.

i have a poulan chain saw and it also is hard to get the gas cap off after i have been running it. i believe that the heat swells the gas tank and between the internal pressure and the heat the cap is hard to get off and back on again.

i would have suggested that you change the cap but you have already done so.

i usually have to take the my gas cap off if its hot with the t handle wrench to slip in the slot on the cap to get it to come off unless i wait a few minutes for it to cool off.

sam a.

Chester, May 14, 2013

just a heads up, i have the same problem as well on my husky, and it has absolutely nothing to do with heat or building up pressure. as your saw consumes gas, it leaves behind vacuum in the fuel tank and the negative pressure decreases the fuel charge going to the saw until it simply won't run. starting becomes near impossible since the pulse (the pulse is what draws fuel into the carb) coming from hand starting a saw is nothing like the pulse from a saw while running. all fuel tanks on small engines have breathers/vents that allow ambient air in to equalize the pressure - a gas cap that is hard to remove after running is tell-tale of this issue. either clean or replace the breather/vent. -chester


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