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Craftsman Air compressormodel #921153101

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compressor wont build air pressure

Craftsman air compressor model#15310 . It wont build more than 40psi.(already checked the regulator) I took the air filter off to check it and hot air was coming out of the intake port.What could be causing this?

Posted October 28, 2010


Jacqueline S, October 29, 2010

when your used to having specific equipment in your garage it is hard to get used to that fact that it's not working properly. this would motivate anyone to want to repair their air compressor. i have provided you with a couple of links that may help you figure out the problem with your air compressor. i attached the links below, just copy and paste. http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/136568-why-wont-my-compressor-build-more-than-60psi http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/204022-my-air-compressor-wont-build-more-than-30-psi-why

Mark T , October 29, 2010

thank you for your question.

if you can feel air coming out of the intake, the reed valve is broken. the reed valve is a thin metal plate that allows air to flow one way. the intake allows air to flow into the cylinder but not out. the outlet allows air to be exhausted but will not let air back in. i recommend taking the compressor apart before ordering the valve plate just to make sure nothing else is broken or worn. you should also replace the gaskets when you do the repair.

here is a link to order any parts you need. sears parts direct .

if you need further assistance, please reply with more details below.

thank you for using manage my life.

mark t.

Kenn, April 20, 2013

i have a craftsman 125psi 1.5hp/3gal compressor (model 921.153101) that is not building up pressure. air is blowing out the hole in the oil fill cap at the rear of the unit. any suggestions?

Mark T , April 22, 2013

kenn, i am sorry you are having a problem with the air compressor. if air is coming out the filler cap, there is something going on in the cylinder. i recommend taking the head off first and inspecting the gaskets between the head and valve plate and between the cylinder and valve plate. if the gaskets are fine, the problem is with the piston rings and cylinder. if the rings are not sealing, the air will blow past into the crankcase. replacement parts for craftsman air compressor model 921.153101 i hope this is helpful. please let me know if you need further assistance. thank you for using manage my life. mark.

Kenn, April 23, 2013

thank you mark, i'll give your suggestions a try.


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