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Craftsman Air compressormodel #919165230

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air compressor 919.165230

air compressor runs but sends no pressure to tank ?????

Posted January 30, 2013


Joseph , January 30, 2013

i am sorry that you are having some difficulties with your air compressor and i will be happy to help. i did some research and i was able to find a link that will provide you with some good information. i hope this helps with your research while you wait for your expert response.

Mark T , January 31, 2013

i am sorry you are having a problem with the air compressor. if the unit is not building pressure like it should, the air compressor probably has something broken inside the cylinder. before you take the compressor apart, listen and feel for air leaks. check to see if air is coming back out of the intake filter. if air is coming back out of the intake filter, the tank check valve is the problem. if you feel air coming out of the intake when it is running i suspect the valve plate is broken.

also check the tubing connections to the pump. if the connections are fine, you have to remove the head. the head is secured with four bolts. directly under the head is the pressure plate. the pressure plate has reeds on it that direct the air into the discharge line and keep the air from going back into the cylinder of the compressor. check the reeds for warping or breaking. if the reeds are damaged, you must replace the pressure plate. make note of how the pressure and seal sit on top of the cylinder.

if the pressure plate looks fine, i recommend setting it aside and inspect the piston and the cylinder. what usually happens is the piston ring wears and allows air to blow past the piston. when this happen the compressor will run longer and may never come up to full pressure. to repair this problem i recommend replacing the piston ring and the cylinder. most compressors have a kit available that contains the piston, ring, cylinder, and the seals. any time you take the pump apart, the gaskets should be replaced.

please feel free to reply with more details if you need further assistance on the repair of the compressor.

thank you for using manage my life.

mark t.

Amie, August 29, 2015

my air compressor takes forever to fill up, runs constantly it seems like. can wait hours or days till use it and within 5 minutes it's running to fill up again. once it fills up at the end it lets out a noise like its releasing a lot of air.


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