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Craftsman Air compressormodel #919155730

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My Sears Model 919.155730 air compressor will not build air pressure.

I suspected the air flow valve was bad because the valve will not seat & air blows out of the valve when the compressor is running all the time. I installed a new flow valve & still have the same problem. Any ideas?

Posted April 15, 2011


celene, April 15, 2011

the issue that you are having with the air compressor can be frustrating. i was able to find some additional information on the air compressor. down bellow you will be able to see the link, i hope that it helps you figure out what else can be causing the issue.

Jimmy K , April 18, 2011

when the flow valve leaks air, it indicates there is a problem with the valve plate or a gasket inside the head.

i recommend you remove the head and check for wear or broken parts inside.

while you have the head off check the piston and cylinder sleeve for wear or damage.

if you have more questions, reply on this thread and i will be glad to help.

Tony, November 12, 2011

i have the same compressor with the same problem. mine leaks until the compressor builds about 20 psi, then snaps shut and stays that way until you completely depressurize the tank. regarding jimmy k's response, i had the compressor head apart doing some unrelated machine work. all the internals looked great, the compressor pump seems to be working perfectly, and the flow valve behaved no differently before disassembly than it does now, so it's unlikely it's because of anything i did. my issue is i can't figure out what this "flow valve" (part number dac-140 or #76 on the parts diagram) actually does and whether or not i need it. i've dealt with a lot of compressors and this one is the only one so far that has such a thing. after observing it in operation, i'm drawing a blank on what it's there for. it's not a relief valve, it closes with pressure applied. there shouldn't be any need to directly vent the head to atmosphere with the unit off (any more than the unloader valve would anyway). some internet searching revealed some other people with craftsman compressors suffering the same ailment, and replies to those topics indicated this part is uncommon and nobody could conclusively say what it's for. if someone can tell me what purpose this part serves i'll consider replacing it, otherwise i'll remove it and install a pipe plug.

Jimmy K , November 14, 2011

tony, i am assuming your air compressor is a model 919.155730 also. the purpose of the flow valve is to release any pressure from the head when the air compressor is turned off. the relief valve in the check valve accomplishes the same thing. in later models of craftsman air compressors the flow valve is replaced with a pipe plug. you can install a pipe plug if you wish.

Tony, November 14, 2011

yes, jimmy, same model. so you're saying it's some sort of secondary/backup unloader valve? interesting. the unloader valve in the pressure switch works properly, so next time it starts giving me problems i'll replace the flow valve with a plug. thanks for the help!


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