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Canon Camcordermodel #30A

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Dryer shuts off

Kenmore dryer keeps shutting off every 3 minutes. Model 110.62702101. Dryer heats up and then shuts off kicking out the 30A breaker.

Posted June 10, 2011


Barbara H. , June 10, 2011

when the dryer starts kicking off the breaker it is cause for concern. while you wait for the expert to review your model, you can check a similar question from a previous post that may help explain a cause. if you would feel more comfortable having an experienced technician diagnose and make repairs, an option is to visit sears home services at the link below.

Fred M, June 12, 2011

if it is tripping the breaker i suspect there is a short somewhere in the system.

the dryer does heat for a shot time from the description you give.

my first suggestion is to run an air fluff cycle with no heat. if the dryer does run then the problem is most likely in the heat circuit. see the image below for help with this circuit.

if the dryer still shuts off then i suspect the problem is with the motor.

try the air fluff/no heat cycle and let me know what happens. you can reply with any details for further assistance.

Tony, June 15, 2011

ran the dryer on air fluff and was able to run the complete cycle with no issue. removed the back cover and ran with the heat on. the heating element was glowing the whole time until it kicked the breaker. the time until it kicked the breaker was about 3 minutes

Fred M, June 16, 2011

it may be the element is the problem. sometimes the element breaks but still has contact so it will glow and heat. as it heats the wires might separate and touch the metal sides causing a short. you could visually check the element. remember the dryer should be unplugged before removing the rear panel. the other possibility is a weak circuit breaker. you would need a clamp on amp meter to check this. the dryer with element on should draw approximately 24-26 amperes. the dryer should have a 30 amp breaker. if the 30 amp breaker trips while the dryer is drawing 26 amps then the breaker is weak and needs to be replaced.

Tony, June 16, 2011

checked the element and do not see any signs of a break or arcing against the metal housing. plugged dryer back in and started. the element heated up. used an inspection mirror to look at the bottom side of the element and noticed that it was not lit up at all. the lead going towards the bottom end had a small spot that was glowing. the dryer is set to high heat setting

Tony, June 17, 2011

tried a new heating element and still kicking out the breaker.

Fred M, June 18, 2011

at this point you will need to check the amp draw of the black wire on the terminal block. the motor and heater together should draw only 24-26 amps. if the breaker trips with this draw then the problem might be a weak breaker. this will require electrical knowledge and shoud be done by a technician.

Tony, June 19, 2011

went to replace the breaker in the panel and found that the wire terminals were not completely tight for the breaker. tightened up terminals and was able to run 3 completed loads of laundry without tripping breaker. my wife is much happier.

Fred M, June 20, 2011

if the wife is happy then everybody is happy.

ngoctqc, December 16, 2011

my kenmore washer is "calypso" , part number is: 8283430. it makes loud noise and stop at the middle of the rinse cycle! i try to rotate the belt and hear the noise of an metal object in the front panel. how do i remove the front panel to check? is this the problem to cause the machine to stop in the middle of rinse cycle? i would appreciate if someone shows me how to resolve the problem. thanks a lot!!!

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