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Brother Fax machinemodel #350

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I have a GE Spectra Gas Oven. Is it possible to calibrate the temp on this oven? It has a dial for temp control.

Posted November 13, 2010


Dezeray S, November 13, 2010

a suggestion i have is to resubmit a question with your model number so you can get a better answer from one of the experts.

Devonviolet, November 13, 2010

thanks deveray, i just did that.

Devonviolet, November 13, 2010

is there a way to close this question, since i re-asked it?

Lyle W , November 15, 2010

i viewed the second question that you submitted. based on your general description of the range (ge spectra xl44), i provided a procedure for adjusting the thermostat knob on this type of range in the image below. this information is from the owner's manual for model jgbs20. here is a link for the full owner's manual for that model: owner's manual .

if you need more help, reply with additional details and the full model number of your ge spectra xl44 gas range. the model number is normally on the side of the opening to the oven cavity. open the oven door to view this area.

Devonviolet, November 15, 2010

lyle, thank you for responding to my question. since you were aware of my second question, you should be able to see my response to joey. i have looked inside the cavity, of my oven, and do not see a model number. there is a label, on the door, and i will include a photo, below, showing that label, as well as the inside, of the oven. i do not see any numbers that start with jgbs20 or anything similar. i have also included a photo of the back side of the knob. in joey's second reply, he indicated that if there is no screw on the knob, it should be in the stem, coming out of the oven. again, there is no screw in the stem. joey did not answer my question, about how to determine an accurate temp in the oven. can you answer that question? it is confusing to correspond with two people, so i will stay with you, if that is alright. i also have a photo, of the stem, coming out of the oven, and since i am only allowed three photos per comment, i will attach the fourth photo below. thanks for your help.

Devonviolet, November 15, 2010

below i am attaching a photo, showing the stem coming out of the oven. as you can see there are no adjustment screws there either. thanks

Lyle W , November 15, 2010

you can use this procedure to accurately measure the temperature being maintained in the oven: buy an accurate oven thermometer that you can place inside the oven cavity and read through the door window. position the thermometer on the middle of the rack set in the middle of the oven. set the oven on a bake cycle at 350 degrees. allow it to preheat. after the oven is preheated, allow it to cycle on and off for 1/2 of an hour. for a ten minute period, record the temperature every minute to get an average temperature. the average temperature over this 10 minute period is the actual temperature that the oven is maintaining. if you need to offset the temperature up to 35 degrees, you can use the procedure shown in the image below.

Devonviolet, November 15, 2010

lyle, thanks for telling me how to determine the actual temp, of the oven. did you look at the photos that i included? can you help me figure out the model number, and or how to calibrate the thermostat, on the oven? thanks

Lyle W , November 16, 2010

based on your pictures, the procedure for adjusting the oven temperature (up to 35 degrees) is shown in the image that i provided under the previous response. i hope that you are able to see that image properly. you can offset the factory temperature setting by up to 35 degrees using that procedure. if the actual temperature of the oven is off by more than 35 degrees, then you will probably need to check some components. based on the pictures that you sent, it appears that you have a ge range that is model jgbp24bea1ad or similar. the oven temperature sensor probe (shown in the image below) can be checked using a volt/ohm meter. you should measure near 1100 ohms of resistance at room temperature through this sensor. if the resistance is several hundred ohms or more off, then the sensor will need to be replaced. if the sensor is okay, you could have a problem with the igniter or the electronic control board. let me know if you need to check these components and i will assist you further. i hope that this additional information helps.


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