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Brother Fax machinemodel #350

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How to calibrate Kenmore gas oven

I believe I need to calibrate my Kenmore gas oven model 3627131191 as everything is burning. I understand I need to get an oven thermometer to see how far off it is but everything is burning in half the cooking time. Can I fix this myself or do I need to hire someone and where can I find that person. Also the dial seems to be pretty loose. I believe I could do it myself if I had a manual but I have not been able to find one online. Thanks for your help! :)

Posted November 01, 2012


Priscilla V, November 01, 2012

when it comes to working on an appliance can be tough. i have done some research on the manage my life website and have came across a link towards your question. while you are waiting for a detailed reply from an expert i have provided the link below. hope this helps!

Metta, November 01, 2012

thanks for trying but my model does not have any digital features.

Metta, November 01, 2012

i bought an oven thermometer placed in the middle of the oven and turned on to 350 degrees thermometer shows almost 450. please help me.

Metta, November 01, 2012

a friend has suggested i clean the therma couple with a brillo pad but still runs about 75 degrees too high

Ron H , November 02, 2012

thanks for the question about calibrating the oven temperature. i will be glad to assist with this process.
first you will need a good quality oven thermometer to determine the actual temperature inside the oven. your only means of calibration on this model is adjusting the oven control knob. on the back side of the knob (pull off and invert) you will find screws that will allow movement, to higher or lower temp. if the temperature is not too far off, this will solve the issue. generally if the temp is off a great deal the thermostat must be replaced in the oven.
i have attached an image below that will guide you through a simple calibration. if you need additional assistance please reply with details and i will be happy to respond.

thanks ron h.
if you get to the point where you need to have a service technician diagnose and repair this failure, you can schedule service through this link: sears home services .

Metta, November 02, 2012

i did that and it is running anywhere from 75 to 100 degrees too high as noted above.

Metta, November 02, 2012

when i take off the knob are you meaning the screws on the stove itself? there is one on the right and one on the left, with it being 75 to 100 degrees too high which one do i adjust and how much?

Metta, November 02, 2012

i have found a newer stove for sale that has only been used for holiday baking for only $150 would you say that would be the less expensive way to go than to try and salvage this one?

Ron H , November 02, 2012

hi metta; remove the oven knob and look at the underside of the knob for the screw or screws, you will also see plus or minus on some models. do not remove or attempt to turn the screws on the control panel under the knob. please follow the instructions i provided earlier. a new oven hardly use ,sounds like a good price if it is in good working condition. ron h.

Metta, November 02, 2012

thanks ron! i tried to calibrate and just not having any luck so going to go ahead with the newer to me stove. i understand from the seller that it is a kenmore '01 or '02. in installing it my brother told me to turn off valve put the line on the pipe and turn on the valve and to use tephlon tape on the threads of the gas line. how do i know where to turn off the valve?

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