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Bolens Trimmermodel #BL250

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Bolens BL250 Weed Eater Fuel Line installation

I am having trouble installing new fuel lines to my Bolens BL250 Weed Eater. Fuel is still leaking from the area where the fuel lines to the plastic nipples at the bottom of the fuel tank.

Posted March 04, 2011


Dezeray S, March 05, 2011

when it comes to installing parts on your tool it can be quite a challenge without your owner's manual or diagram. i took some time to search in the manage my life website and found your owner's manual. i have attached the link below. hope this helps!

Mark T , March 05, 2011

thank you for your question.

i am sorry you are having a problem with the trimmer. if the fuel filter is not pushed through the tank it leak. i have found a video that show how to replace the fuel line in a trimmer i think is similar to yours. please click on this link to watch the video .

if you have installed the lines as directed in the video, i suspect the holes in the tank are larger that they should be and the tank needs to be replaced.

please let me know if you need further assistance on the repair of the trimmer.

here is a link to order any parts you need. sears parts direct .

thank you for using manage my life.

mark t.

hogleg, March 13, 2011

thanks for the manual website, it has been very helpful

hogleg, March 13, 2011

thanks for the info mark. the video was very helpful. the leak is still there, and i think that you are right about having to replace the fuel tank. although i find that this is very odd though, as this weedeater is not that old only about three or four. why would the tank give out so soon. this is the only time that i have had to replace the fuel lines. is the problem, the ethanol in the gas now. my weed eater has two fuel lines coming out of the bottom of the tank, where as the new bl150 weedeaters only have one line from the tank. is there any way to adapt my weedeater to a one line. a new tank and lines cost $34.87, and i can buy a new one, a bl150 for $99.00.

Mark T , March 13, 2011

thank you for the reply. i am sorry to hear the trimmer is still leaking. it would be difficult to adapt the weed eater tank to the trimmer because the extra line would have to plugged. i am not sure what size line is on the bolens trimmer now but you might be able to find a line that is slightly larger than the line on there now. to do this i recommend taking a piece of the line to a local mower repair shop and see if they have any line that is larger. i know the sears grand store here has a fuel line replacement kit for trimmers but i do not know what size line it has. if you find a larger line, remove the small line from the tank, attach the fuel filter to the larger line, and reinstall it the same way as before. just be careful not to pull it so hard because the line might slip off the filter easier. the larger line might compensate for the larger hole. now to ethanol, i cannot say for sure if it caused the problem with the tank but now that we have it, we see more fuel line problems. the line does not seem to hold up as it used to. if you live in an area that still has gas stations that sell ethanol free gas i recommend going there for you lawn equipment gas. please let me know how this works out for you.


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