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Amana Uprightmodel #18

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Why is my Kenmore HE2 washer model 110.47512603 leaking water from the soap dispenser?

There was also a loud noise preceding the the water pouring out. I have tried to reset the load multiple times, but it is still happening. This washer is only 18 months old.

Posted December 13, 2009


Lyle W , December 15, 2009

the most frequent cause of water leaking out of the detergent dispenser in this type of washer is a clog in the detergent dispenser housing or the hose from the dispenser to the tub. a small sock or garment can sometimes work its way into the dispenser housing.

i recommend that you pull the dispenser drawer out of the housing and check for an obstruction in the bottom of the housing where it routes water into the hose that goes to the washer tub. you may find an item stuck in this area. also check the dispenser drawer for any build-up of detergent or obstructions. clean the drawer thoroughly (including the siphon holes in the bleach and fabric softener compartments). open the washer door and check for any items that may be stuck in the folds of the rubber door boot (bellows) of the washer. check the top left side especially (the side the dispenser is on).

if you still have problems after taking the steps recommended above, then you likely have a restriction in the hose between the dispenser and the tub (key 14 in the first image below). the procedure for accessing this hose is shown in the second image. you may need to access this hose and check for a clog. this is an advanced procedure. i recommend that you carefully review the procedure below before attempting to access the hose if necessary. if you are confident in your technical ability to safely access the hose then you may be able to find the cause of leaking from your dispenser. be sure that you unplug the washer to disconnect electrical power and shut off the water supply before accessing internal components. internal metal edges in the washer can be sharp. protective gloves are recommended.

if you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

Ujjval, December 19, 2010

hi lyle i had a similar issue and did find a lump of dirt lodged in the tube #14 in your picture... i removed it and put everything back together..but then there was a leak apparently of soap coming out..when i ran a cleaning cycle with bleach only - the rinse and spin cycle before it ran fine with no water on the floor. after reopening looks like the vent tube (which i had also checked and put back) was in too close to the steel tub holes which are very sharp and seems to have cut into that vent tube. whats the best way to get the vent tube installed..so it does not get scraped by the rotating drum?


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