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Amana Uprightmodel #18

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Nikki Carburetor on a Briggs & Stratton 18HP

Need some help on identifying where a jet goes on a Nikki Carburetor for a Briggs & Stratton 18HP engine; model: 31p777-0299-E1. I have already looked at the Illistrated Parts list but it is no help. I have attached some images of the jet and the carburetor float. I am looking to understand where and how this Jet goes into the Carb float. So here are the 3 questions I have related to this: 1) Which end, A or B on image "jet.png", of the jet fits into which hole; C, D (of image top_float.png) or E (or Bottom_Float.png) ? 2) What is the Item number of the jet (117A or 118A) in the link provided for the jet in Image "jet.png" 3) Who makes the Nikki carburetor and is there a repair manual for this carb? If available I am looking for the link to the MFG for the carb and repair manual Thanks Gary

Posted December 30, 2011


Alina F. , December 30, 2011

managemylife.com is always a great resource to find the answers to just about anything. your expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner.

G_Speran, December 30, 2011

here is the information stamped on the nikki carb. not sure what any of this means line 1: 697216 line 2: g02703 line 3: 4316 d

XX Wade_, December 31, 2011

i'll answer your questions as you've asked them to help prevent any confusion.

1: i'm going to have to find out how the jet sits. i don't have a photo of this but i do have one these carburetors sitting on my desk at home. the downside of this is that it will be monday morning before i can post a photo and answer to this particular question. i honestly just can't remember how the thing sits in there.

2: the jet for that carburetor is 117a (pt # 699457). the other one is for the walbro carburetor. it won't work on yours.

3: nikki is the company that makes this carburetor. it is nikki number 697216. i've never seen a repair manual or tech sheet for it. i'm not a fan of this carburetor and most of the time i run into problems with them i try and replace it with the walbro carburetor as i don't have nearly the trouble out of them on a briggs and stratton application.

i will post the information about the jet monday morning when i come in.

thank you for using manage my life!

G_Speran, December 31, 2011

thanks wade. i look forward to your response and pictures

XX Wade_, January 02, 2012

the bad news: my nikki carburetor is not the same as yours. the jet on mine is not replaceable or even removable. the good news: click on the link i have attached below and it will take you to a wonderful site with all the information you could ever want to know about your carburetor.

G_Speran, January 02, 2012

sweet. this is exactally what i needed. in the event someone else is quickly looking for the answers as well, here they are. 1) which end, a or b on image "jet.png", of the jet fits into which hole; c, d (of image top_float.png) or e (or bottom_float.png) ? -----answer: "b" goes into "e" 2) what is the item number of the jet (117a or 118a) in the link provided for the jet in image "jet.png" ------answer: both 117a and 118 are both valid for this carb, 117a is the standard and 118a is for high altitude. also, according to the briggs and stratton web page, part # 699457 is superseeded with #699732 3) who makes the nikki carburetor and is there a repair manual for this carb? -----answer: the web page for nikki is: http://www.nikkinet.co.jp/english/ ---but it is not a good website for information. there is nothing here. wade provided an excellent page for the nikki carb.

ROCKEY, May 20, 2012

wade can you give me the walbro parts number for the carb to replace the niki carb ?

ROCKEY, May 20, 2012

sorry , im working on a briggs 18 hp riding mower wont have the niki carb to get the number off of it untill tomorrow.

Mark T , May 22, 2012

rockey, i will be handling your question. to keep from giving you wrong part information please reply below with the model number off the engine. once i have the model number i will look up to see if a walbro carburetor is offered for your engine. thank you for using manage my life. mark.

Wayne, September 02, 2012

i had the same problem of not knowing how the jet fits into the carb. i had to trial and error figure it out. mower runs great now. the carburator is a nikki 791886. the jet goes o-ring down, down in side the float assymbly. the brass pickup tube sits on top in side keeping in down in position. in the 3rd picture is top of the assembly the jet goes in this way o-ring down. hope this helps everyone.

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