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Frigidaire Dryer Parts

Frigidaire Dryer Parts

We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 5 Frigidaire Dryer models

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Model FCGD2000LS0 (95 parts)



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Model FCED2000LS0 (85 parts)



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Model FCGD3000ES1 (110 parts)



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Model FCGD3000ES0 (108 parts)



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Model FCED3000ES0 (105 parts)



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Built with the latest in drying technology, Frigidaire dryers take the pain out of laundry day. Occasionally, a dryer might operate erratically or stop drying clothes. Follow these tips to solve common problems and identify issues that require professional assistance.

Remove Dryer Lint

Lint buildup can cause your clothes to come out wet, even after a full drying cycle. Start by cleaning out the lint tray and the tray receptacle. Then, remove the vent tube, and use a round brush to clean the interior surface. Locate the exterior damper, and check for accumulated lint. If the dryer still fails to dry clothes, you may need to install dryer repair parts, such as the operating thermostat, dryer timer or the heating element.

Troubleshoot the Power Supply

If your dryer fails to start, or if the control panel doesn't light up, start your dryer troubleshooting by checking the power outlet. Plug in another appliance to ensure that electricity is reaching the dryer. If the outlet works, check the dryer's power cord for fraying, cracks or dings, and replace it if necessary. When your dryer stops suddenly during a cycle, check to see if it has tripped a thermal fuse or circuit breaker. A damaged door latch or door switch can also prevent your dryer from starting, even if it has electricity.

Check the Drum Components

Over time, a dryer's drum components can wear down, causing noises or vibrations. A drum that sags can indicate excessive wear in the support rollers. If you hear a rattling sound, inspect the blower fan blade for damage. Squeaking sounds during operation usually point to a broken idler pulley.

Sears PartsDirect carries a wide variety of parts for common Frigidaire dryer repairs. To find the part you need, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button or call 1-800-252-1698.


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