Model #WFW9400SW01 WHIRLPOOL Residential Washers

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my whirlpool front loader washer has a f20 that keeps appearing Wfw9400sw01


Thanks for the inquiry and for using

An F20 error code indicates no water has been detected entering the washer. Both water valves must be hooked up and working. You can't leave the hot water turned off or it will cause this error. I recommend removing the top of the washer and checking for a leak during water fill. The top is removed by removing some screws on the back panel. 

Check the pressure switch clear hose for any leaks. If the washer fills and the F20 error is displayed and both valves are working then the problem will most likely be the pressure switch not detecting the water fill.

I hope this helps and thanks for using We appreciate your business. 

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Jeff Wallace Sr -
Sears Technician
October 11, 2014

i have and error f70 code on my duet washer


It is definitely difficult to understand exactly what error codes mean. I have taken some time to research your question here on the Manage My Life website and I noticed that someone else had asked a similar question with a posted response from an expert. I attached the link below for you to view. I hope the link that I provided is helpful. Have a nice day.

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Alina F. -
August 18, 2011

Hi John,

Thank you for submitting a question to Manage My Life. I know how frustrating it can be when appliances do not function properly.

Without your model number I am only able to give you general information.

The F70 error code on most of these washers is a communication problem. Press the "Power" button. Does the washer beep 3 times? If it does not perform the "Quick Test".


  1. Lock the control by pressing and holding the cycle signal button.
  2. Press the Power button.
  3. If the lock light flashes when you press the power button it indicates the center interface was able to take the input and the Right hand User Interface received the DCV signal from the Center User Interface but since the display did not light. This indicates an issue with the Right hand user Interface.

If you would like more help with your washer, please reply to this post with the correct model number and more details.

I highly recommend having a trained service technician evaluate this problem. You can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

Thanks again for using Manage My Life.


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Landell -
Sears Technician
August 19, 2011

hi Landell, i have the same problem. wirlpool fronload washer model# wfw9400sw01. seria Number # csw3901634 same F70 error code. i did the quick test you have given above. the lock light flashes when you press the power button. PLease help me further.

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Anonymous -
October 12, 2013
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