Model #WED94HEXW0 WHIRLPOOL Residential Dryer

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drive belt WED94HEXW0 Whirlpool Dryer


Thank you for choosing Sears Parts Direct. I will be happy to help with your dryer. Upon researching model WED94HEXW0;
1.      Unplug dryer the power cord from the wall outlet. (remove power from dryer)

2.      Remove the top panel off the dryer by removing the screws securing the top at the back of the dryer. When the screws are removed lift up the panel and take it off.

3.      Next remove the console (control board housing and control board.)On the right side by unscrewing the screws holding it in place (normally 3 screws). Disconnect the ribbon cables from the console.

4.      Remove the front control panel by unscrewing it, there is a screw on each side of the dryer. When you have unscrewed the control panel open the dryer door and pull control panel toward you while lifting up.

5.      Now that the control panel is off and the door is open remove the lint screen and close the door.

6.      Remove the access panel at the bottom by removing the screws securing it on the corners. Now that you have access to the inside of the dyer remove the black/grey duct by unscrewing all the screws that secure it in place.

7.      Disconnect the moisture sensor exposed now that the duct is off. Then remove the front panel that has the door attached to it by removing all screws securing it and disconnecting any leftover wire that are attached to the panel.

8.      With the front panel off you will have access to the belt you can replace it and reverse the process to install that parts removed.


I trust this information will help you, Thank you for choosing Sears.

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Jeff Wallace Jr -
Sears Technician
December 02, 2014

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