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How do I remove the agitator from my GE washer?


From what you’re describing it sounds like the coupler is stripped out. The coupler is bolted to the transmission shaft & the agitator is pressed on to the coupler. Please see the images provided for more details. Coupler part number; WH49X10042.

First raise the lid on the washer then remove the agitator by placing hands under the agitator 180 degrees apart and pulling up. Pulling up one side and then the other until the agitator lifts up and off. Be careful while lifting on the agitator because when it comes loose it could hit you in the face since you are over it while lifting. Once you get the agitator off use a 7/16 socket and 3/8 ratchet and remove the coupling. Place the new coupling on the shaft, making sure to line up the splines on the shaft and the coupling and install the 7/16 bolt and tighten it. Place the agitator on the coupling by lining up the splines and pushing down on the agitator until it seats.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
April 05, 2010

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