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My ice maker fill tube is freezing up.


forgot my there any way to put some sort of heating element on or near the fill tube to prevent the freezing up? Or, is this symptomatic of some other part not working correctly? When I thaw everything out, the ice maker works fine for a few days, until the ice builds up.

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legende63 -
September 10, 2010

Two things can cause the icemaker fill tube to ice up. The fill tube accumulates a coating of oil from the air in the freezer and from the refrigerator circulating over it. The oil causes a drop or two of water to remain in the fill tube and turn to ice. This begins the ice dam that stops the fill tube up. You can try removing the fill tube and washing it with hand washing detergent and water to remove the oil.

To remove the fill tube you will need to remove the icemaker. Turn the refrigerator off and remove the ice bin. Remove the 2 screws holding the icemaker to the rear of the freezer and remove the icemaker. The fill tube will pull into the freezer for removal.

The water valve can also cause the fill tube to freeze up if it lets a few drops of water leak through and freeze in the fill tube. If cleaning the fill tube doesn't stop the fill tube from freezing you should replace the water valve on the rear of the cabinet.

There is no heater available for the fill tube and it should not be necessary.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
September 11, 2010
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