Model #TBX20PFB GE Top-Mount Refrigerator

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I have a Kenmore referigerator #TBX20PFB. & I want to know where the deforst timer is loacted on my model. I want to install part #WR9X387. Also where is the


Keeping the refrigerator running is very important. I found a question like your that I am hoping will help you. I am adding the link below to help you with your question while you wait for your expert response. It may take your expert 24-48 hours. I do hope that this will help you.

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Marc H -
June 05, 2012

Thank you for the question Gary. On this model of GE refrigerator the defrost timer is located under the bottom of the unit. It is behind the kick plate on the left hand side of the unit. If you mean the cold control thermostat, that is located behind the control panel in the fresh food section. If you at talking about the defrost thermostat, it is above the evaporator coils on the freezer section. I will send to you some parts pictures with the parts highlighted. In picture 1 item 300 is the temperature control. In picture 2 648 is the part you have, the defrost timer. 620 is the defrost thermostat, which is located just at the top of the evaporator. This is behind the cover in the freezer.

If you have any more questions please reply to this thread.

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Bill__W -
Sears Technician
June 08, 2012
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