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What would cause my gas dryer to quit heating after heats the first time?


Based on your symptom and details the likely failure is weak magnetic gas valve solenoid coils or possibly a restricted vent system. For testing purposes only: Disconnect the vent hose from the back of the dryer and dry one load. If it dries properly, check and clean the venting system. NOTE: DO NOT leave the vent hose disconnected after performing the test. If it does not dry properly, remove the little square plastic inspection cover and watch the glow of the ignitor after starting the dryer. If you find the glow bar ignitor glowing red and then it fades off without seeing any burner flames would confirm weak solenoid coils. You will have to monitor the operation until it quits heating or until you see the ignitor glowing and fading off with out any burner ignition.

You will likely need to remove and replace both solenoid coils. See images below for instructions. NOTE: Disconnect the power cord before raising the top. You will need to remove the lint filter and remove the two screws which were hidden by the lint filter. The top will need to be hinged open and two screws removed from the two side panels securing the front panel to the side panels. Lean the top of the front panel forwards just enough to be able to disconnect the door switch wire connections. Lean the panel outwards to clear the drum and then lift the front panel up and off. Disconnect the solenoid coils and remove the screws securing the solenoid hold down bracket and lift the coils off. Reverse the procedure to install and reassemble the dryer.

You can order the coil kit part #279834 from Sears Parts Direct .

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
March 18, 2010

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