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I have a polulan lawn tractor #PR1842STA. & I want to know how to test the starter & the ignition switch on my model. the tractor doesn't wont to start.


Troubleshooting electrical systems can be difficult. I was able to locate two similar questions that may help while youi wait for the expert to review your model. I attached to the links below. I hope this helps.

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Barbara H. -
March 18, 2012

Check the fuse to make sure it's good. Then follow the wire the fuse is connected to, in both directions to make sure it's connected on both ends. The fuse wire will go up to the ignition switch to terminal "B". When you lock down the brake, have the blades off, and turn the key to "start" you should have voltage on the ignition switch at the white wire on terminal "S". If you do not have the voltage on terminal "S" then the ignition switch is bad (pt 175566).

If you do have voltage on the white wire at the ignition, move down to the solenoid and remove the white wire there and connect your meter to it. Do everything as if you're going to start the engine and read voltage on the white wire. You have battery voltage there. If you do not, then there is a break in the white wire or a bad safety switch.

If you do have voltage on the white wire at the solenoid, then connect the white wire back and try to start the engine and check for voltage at the starter. If you do not have voltage there then the solenoid is bad. If you do have voltage there then something else is going on.

I've attached a diagram showing everywhere you should have voltage when you try to start the engine. Let me know what you find with this and we can proceed as necessary.

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XX Wade_ -
Sears Technician
March 20, 2012
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